In this space, we try each week to make sense for you of life's complexities that touch Chesapeake Country. We do our best to avoid sounding like know-it-alls; we even try to have some fun. Here's a sampling of what appeared here '98:


January 22: Klan Convenes the Powers of Hatred
Hard-core racism like the Klan practices is a sickness, not an intellectual choice. It can spread if left untreated. Others are less likely to follow a dark path if they see that society doesn't accept it and does not willingly dispense licenses to hate


March 9: When Lightning Struck on Newsprint Pages
We hope you take your newspaper for granted. When you open your paper, you don't expect lightning to leap from its pages. Which is why we're pleased to report that lightning did flash last month.

After a letter to the editor, Calvert Cliffs State Park received a check of more than three figures from the generous North Beach Help Association. That's a miracle we don't want to take for granted.


March 19: Will Annapolis Scandals 'Fetch' Better Ways?
Maryland reminds us of Illinois 25 years ago when kickbacks and payoffs were epidemic. Our favorite was the "fetcher" bill, where legislators would introduce a ridiculous proposal and then kill it in return for envelopes of cash. Everybody knew what was going on, even Blind Jimmy at the magazine stand


April 23: AA Attitude: Fat and Sassy
In a new poll this month by Anne Arundel Community College, people said they wouldn't pay more for education. And 63 percent said we need to encourage growth and development to provide additional jobs close to home.

Next time, they ought to ask this question: "Do you think that your quality of life will continue to improve if we let our school buildings crumble and put a strip mall across the street from you?"


May 28: To Preserve the Bay, Partnerships Are the Way
Along our part of the Chesapeake, we are swiftly arriving at a time when the remaining shoreline parcels either will be developed or saved. And combating developers and their lawyers is no easy task: Ask members of the South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development, SACReD, who went on trial in Washington this week in a defamation suit that grew out of the drive to save Franklin Point. (They were absolved of libel.)


July 9: Louis Goldstein, An American Lesson
It must have been Louis Goldstein that George M. Cohen was thinking about when he wrote, "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy." For through 85 years of this troubled century - when patriotism has not always been in fashion - Louis Goldstein was such a proud nephew of his Uncle Sam that all who met him were challenged to examine our consciences and count our blessings


July 30: Politics '98" All Together Now, Heads Out of the Sand
The Chesapeake is our playground and our lifeblood. From county council to Congress, are candidates walking the talk when it comes to protecting the Bay?


Dec. 3: Y2K: Don't U B Nutty 2
If you think about it, it is special to be alive at the beginning of a new millennium. That is, of course, if we can survive the doomsayers who tell us that the world as we know it will end when the clock strikes midnight on Y2K - the Year 2000


Dec. 17: Taking Office: NBT's Guide to Political Pitfalls
In our spare time here at New Bay Times, we're compiling a guide book for politicians. We don't really have much spare time, but political folly has become such a rich natural resource that we couldn't let it go to waste.

Our wisdom for them: The road starts rocky and stays that way.

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December 23, 1998 - January 6, 1999
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