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Theseus, hero of ancient Greek mythologyentered an incredible labyrinth - a maze- from which no man or woman had ever escaped alive. His task was to seek out and kill the Minotaur (a man-eating half-human, half-bull) before the Minotaur killed him.

Theseus was smart, and he had help. He had fallen in love with beautiful young Ariadne, and Ariadne had given Theseus a ball of thread. "Tie one end to the labyrinth door," she told him, "and you will find your way back to me."

Theseus entered the maze in the morning, but when he was inside and the door closed, it was black as the darkest night. He groped through the passageways, taking his time, meeting one dead end after another. At last, he spied the Minotaur ahead in the faint glow of candlelight. Theseus crept silently around, watching the sad, ferocious Minotaur who sat amidst piles of human bones.

Finally, Theseus leapt at the Minotaur from behind, taking it by surprise. He refused to let go of the angry animal's throat: he choked the Minotaur with his bare hands.

Turning to leave, Theseus clutched the ball of thread that he had been unwinding all through the maze. He followed the thread to the door, as Ariadne had told him.

On the other side of the door, Theseus was immediately proclaimed a hero.

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VolumeVI Number 11
March 19-25, 1998
New Bay Times

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