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"Any Time is Book Time"

Would you believe that the governor of Maryland likes to go on field trips? Well of course he does. And you'll never guess where he goes.

Governor Glendening goes to school.

Since last November, as a part of his Reading Across Maryland program, he's been visiting schools in each of the state's counties (and the city of Baltimore, too), reading to students from his favorite books. He wants young Marylanders to know that reading strengthens the brain.

"Reading is so important," says the governor. "Every other aspect of learning starts with how well you read."

Last Monday, Mr. Glendening brought his message to Annapolis Elementary School, where he sat on the floor with a group of jolly first graders and read The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, by Trinka Hakes Noble. The audience of boys and girls responded enthusiastically to the gray-haired governor. As he read the story of a boa constrictor that runs loose on a farm, the children giggled and chuckled, asked lots of questions and volunteered to read. And as the story got wilder - as eggs began to fly in the henhouse and pigs started to steal lunches from the school bus - the governor's first graders grew more and more and more enthusiastic

Later, after they finished the book, the governor challenged each student to read 10 more books before the end of the school year for the Reading Across Maryland program. He said that he will sign and send a certificate of accomplishment to each and every student who does this.

If you want to join the Reading Across Maryland program, you won't need a personal visit from the governor to get started. All you need to do is ask your teacher, your principal or the superintendent of your school district.

And open those books.

- by Steve Armstrong,

Guest Kids' Editor





Parris Glendening

is the state's 59th governor.



became the state capital in 1694.



has 23 counties.


Calvert County

is the smallest of the state's counties.

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