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I celebrate things that I only do,
I talk to myself to calm down,
I celebrate myself and look ahead of my life.

I am a person that will play sports,
a person that I care for others first,
a person that will do what you say.

My life is very interesting,
I appreciate nature, people, family and things that 
don't hurt others.
I care a lot about others because I know
if I show respect they show the same back.

I celebrate myself, my wonderful, glorious, magnificent 
self and my life.
My life is very important to me if I do
something wrong it usually creates a problem.

I hate hardworking, horrible problems,
so I always make sure I'm doing the right 
thing before I do it.
When I'm younger doing your things now
can affect my adult life.

So I celebrate what I learn and what
I enjoy,
I speak at every hazard,
I'm telling you now take care of your
celebrations and take care of your life.

-Melanie Schwer

Davidsonville Elementary



The Real Me


I am happy to be me.

In a world not of my own,

I fight for freedom.

But while I am here,

I cope.

I have gotten used to this society.


At first I didn't,

But now I appreciate this life.

Now I realize, I am part of this planet.

My soft skin,

Made of rich soil.

My teeth.

Of rock.

My eyes and hair,

Made of minerals.

And my heart,

The earth itself.

Now I truly live this life.


-Steven Gaches

Davidsonville Elementary

Students at Davidsonville Elementary wrote poems in the style of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself.

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VolumeVI Number 17
April 30 - May 6, 1998
New Bay Times

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