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An American Celebration Times Two

Do you like math, science and sports? Here's how you can find out more about becoming an astronaut - or just learn more about space.

U.S. Space Camp -- NASA has camps for kids in Alabama, Florida and California. Over a five-day stay, learn what it takes to be an astronaut. Climb aboard a Space Shuttle simulator for a mission that you and teammates control. NASA also has Parent/Child Camp, and Adult Space Camp. Call 800/63SPACE or get more info on the Web:

Read All About It -- Check out Sally Ride's book To Space and Back.

Flying Locals:
Pan Stars Travel to the Second One on the Right

Kids starring the The Talent Machine Company's production of Peter Pan are flying high, and not just because they're on state. They literally fly in this summer pleaser, sailing across stage in special harnesses. The Foy Company, the original theatrical aerialists, flew in from Las Vegas (no, this time on an airplane) to Annapolis to teach the ropes of flying on stage. Peter Pan, Wendy and the others are hooked up in harnesses to cords attached high above the stage. Pulling the ropes from backstage are parents and volunteers. To fly right, actors must arch their backs, a tiring act.

"If we're going to have Peter Pan, they have to fly," said co-director Bobbi Smith.

See this magical show yourself at the Francis Scott Key auditorium, St. John's College, Annapolis. Tickets are $12 w/age discounts.

Show times are July 2-3, 9-11 at 7:30pm, July 5, 11-12 at 2pm: 410/956-0512.

Kids' Calendar

Riding a Train of Memories Thurs July 9 & 16 (10-11:15am)-Ages 3 to 9 enjoy poems, songs, stories and games that celebrate "The Good Old Days Today," from early times of railroading to local resort life. Light refreshments and take-home activities too, at the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum. free; groups 5+ rsvp: 410/257-3892.

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July 2-8, 1998
New Bay Times

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