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This summer you're likely to make a few photos to remember the mboats on still lakeoments. There's friends at the end of the school year, rows of beach umbrellas at Ocean City and birthday days lined with gifts.

Yet as easy as a summer day can be, it's not always easy to get great pictures. Manual 35mm cameras may intimidate you a bit, but with disposable

cameras floating everywhere, it's so simple to take a photo today.

Take a tip from Marion E. Warren, a famous photographer known for his shots of Maryland,

especially of the Chesapeake Bay. The photograph on this page is his, taken in 1987 of Spa Creek. You can see it

and many others in his book Bringing Back the Bay.

Here the 78-year-old celebrated photographer shares his thoughts, tips and stories from his life with photography.


Thoughts and Tips

Can I shoot good photos of people? "Well, the way I do something like that is to literally watch the subject to where I feel I've got - I know the expression is natural and then look for it and shoot."

When should I take photographs? "The best pictures are made before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon."

On you and the camera: [Eventually] "the camera becomes automatic, you don't look to see if the dials are set properly. You do it as a matter of course like writing, when you write you don't know how you're holding the pen, but you do. It's the same with a camera ... You shouldn't have to worry about cameras when you're taking photographs."


Bonus Storytime

"The old Baltimore News American started a Sunday Magazine, but their photographer didn't have any color pictures, and they wanted something to go on the first edition of the magazine. When we'd go on vacation, I used the kids as models. In one of the pictures I took of them at Ocean City, my daughter Mame buried in the sand with only her face sticking out. She was grinning up out of the sand, and this is the one they picked for the cover of their first issue. Well, she was in high school, and I didn't think anything about it. It appeared in the magazine. And of course, Monday morning half the kids in school

recognized her and teased her about it. And she was mortified. Any high school student would be. Of course she hated what I did to her. I said it wasn't intentional, I thought you'd love it to be a cover girl."

A First Photo Assignmentcartoon photographer

Warren taught photography at several different colleges, including Dundalk College, UMBC, University of Maryland and Anne Arundel Community College.


"The first assignment I would give, which is what I got as a student, was just to do one subject. I said you take the word heat and you come back to me with a picture that expresses heat. I'm not going to tell you any more, or give you any example, but the more cleverly, the more better you do it, the better grade I'll give you."


Make up your own assignment and try it out!

Kids' Calendar

cheerleaderSign up for the Beach Bucs Sat. July 11 & 18 (10-2)-Cheer on the Beach Buccaners as a cheerleader or pom, or score the touchdown yourself as a football star. Ages 6 to 16 sign up for the season at Chesapeake Town Hall. New participants bring copy of birth certificate and parent's driver's license. $45 w/additional discounts for family members: 301/855-6603.

cross-eyed snakeCampfires with the Family25 (8-9:30pm)-Gather around a campfire at Watkins' Nature Center, Upper Marlboro and learn about'Natural Outdoor Hazards'. $2: 301/249-6202.

Flower Power July 30 (10-11am or 2-3pm)-Kids ages 4-5 plant their own flower to take home and learn why we need flowers. Story and snack at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp off Rt. 2-4 at Prince Frederick. $3 w/member discounts: 410/535-5327.

Slithery Snakes Fri. July 17 (10am)-Make a snake at Barnes & Noble in Annapolis, after you delight in The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash and I Need a Snake. free: 410/573-1115.

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