Not Just for KidsGail Martinez sews

So September Sew

by Ariel Brumbaugh, Junior Reporter

My mother, Gail Martinez, loves to sew, so at National Sewing Month, I asked her what's what with sewing.


Q What kind of sewing do you do?

A I make clothes on the machine, and by hand I cross stitch and quilt.


Q Do you have a favorite?

A Right now I'm into quilting, but it changes.


QWhat did you start on?

A I started on making clothes on a machine with my mother when I was young, about 10 or 12.

Q How did you learn how to sew?

A I helped my mother with my clothes.


To learn more, she also took a sewing class in high school and takes a quilting class now with Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation. She taught me how to make a collecting bag, because seamstresses don't like to throw any interesting scrap away.


Make a collecting bag

What you need


Making your bag

Cut out of the material two squares the same size. On one square, fold down to about an inch from the top; then do a running stitch along the edge of the fold so you'll have a pocket for your drawstring.. To make a running stitch, you go up from the bottom and down from the top in a quick stitch. Repeat on the other square.

Put the right sides of both squares together and pin the two sides and the bottom. Then do a running stitch down the side and along the bottom and up the side. Stop where the edge is turned. Then turn the bag right side out. Take the long piece of string and cut it so that it is about two times the width of your bag. Thread that through the top of the bag so that you have a draw string.

Now you have a collecting bag!

Storytimes at Calvert County Public Libraries

Ages 2 to 5 years enjoy storytime with finger plays, music, weekly take-home crafts and more. Register now for storytime starting on Sept. 6.

Prince Frederick Library- Tuesdays or Wednesdays (9:30-10am: age 2; 10:15-11am or 1-1:45pm: ages 3 to 5): 410/535-0291.

Southern Library- Tuesdays or Thursdays (9:30-10am: age 2; 10:15-11am: ages 3 to 5; just Thurs. 1-1:45: ages 3 to 5): 410/326-5289.

Fairview Library- Tuesdays (9:30-10: age 2; 10:15-11: ages 3 to 5; 1-1:45: ages 3 to 5): 410/257-2101.

Twin Beaches Library (at Northeast Community Center)- Wednesdays (9:30-10: age 2; 10:15-11 or 1-1:45: ages 3 to 5): 410/256-2411.

More Fun Than Barrels of Monkeys

Learn new tricks in after-school classes-

Grow Up Musical Open House Sept. 5 & 12- 9-Parents and kids see how kids and even babies grow up musically. Beginning week of Sept. 14, Kindermusik God's Children Sing Musikgarten Cycle of Seasons and Piano. Drop in between 9 and noon to meet and talk w/instructors: Mary M. Hoffman Music Studio at Hazelnut Ridge Farm, Fiddlers Hill Rd., Edgewater. Most classes run 15 weeks: 410/798-5181.

Grow up Sewing & Smart Beginning Tues. Sept 8-Learn to sew, speak Spanish or compute. 1-5 year-olds dive deep in Spanish from 10-noon ($48 for 2 weeks) Kids and mommies sew together from 6:30-8 ($45 for 6 weeks; bring your portable machine) 4 & 5 year olds learn computing, using Montessori software ($7 per for 8 weeks). All at Chesapeake Children's Museum, Festival at Riva Shopping Center, Annapolis. Sign up: 410/266-0677.

Grow Up Fit as a Fiddle Tues., Thurs., Sat. (11:30-12:15) begining Sept. 15-Kiddies 3-5 develop coordination, balance, strength and pleasure in movement. Classes continue 8 weeks right after Mommies in Motion at 10:30 at Anne Arundel Medical Center Community Health Pavilion on Jennifer Rd., Annapolis. Take any 8 for $35; all $52.50. Sign up: 410/573-5490.

Grow Up Able and Agile Tuesdays (6-8:30pm) beginning Sept. 22- Beginners and advanced students six years and older take TKA Karate classes at The Salvation Army, Annapolis. Also: after-school supervised play Mon.-Fri. for ages 6 to 12, $15 for school year (Sept to June): 410/263-4091.

Dance the Nutcracker

Fri. Sept. 11­Young students of ballet (7 & older) try out to turn into angels or soldiers, candy violets or gingerbreads in Ballet Theatre of Annapolis' Nutcracker, to be danced Dec. 5 & 6, 12 & 13 - after many rehearsals.

Jacks in the box (44-53 inches tall) try out from 4-5 · boys 5-5:30 soldiers (53-58 inches tall) 5:30-6:30 · cherubs (50-60 inches tall) 6-7 angels and candy violets (w/ at least 3 years pointe traning) 7:30-8:30 mice and gingerbreads (5 feet+) 8:30-9:30. Girls wear black leotards and pink tights; boys black tights and white Ts. Come w/chaperon half hour early to Room 117, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis. $10: 410/263-8289

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