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Star is Lost


Chapter 1

The Adventure begins!

Once upon a time there were three kids and a dog. Their names were Eric, Ariel, Emelia and the dog's name was Max. One day they went to the beach. Princess Sun was there

"Hi!" Ariel and Emelia said to Princess Sun. "Why are you trembling?" asked Eric.

"I can't find somebody," interrupted Princess Sun. "Have you seen Star? Her mother is looking for her. Everybody in town is looking for Star! Where could she be?"

"Maybe we can all look for Star," suggested Ariel.

"Where's Rainbow when we need him?" Emelia thought out loud.

"Here I am," said a voice.

It was Rainbow!

"Hello!" They all said together.

"Do you think we could get on your back?" asked Ariel.

"Sure!" said Rainbow. "Where do you want to go?"

"We're looking for Star," said Eric.

"That will be easy," said Rainbow.

"We're taking Max with us," reminded Eric.


Chapter 2

Out to Outerspace!

So everybody got on Rainbow's back, even Max! They slowly raised up. But when they got to outerspace, Max started barking and everybody started rising.

Rainbow said, "Whoop! I forgot the space suits!" Suddenly everybody had space suits, including Max, Rainbow and Princess Sun! Emelia laughed, "Max looks funny with a space suit on!"

Max barked.

Princess Sun was saying something.

"What are you doing?" asked Eric.

"I'm making it so Max won't bark,"

"Oh no!" interrupted Emelia. "Max has to be able to bark!"

"I didn't finish my sentence. What I was trying to say is, instead of barking, he will talk!"


Chapter 3

Max Talks!

"Awesome!" said Eric.

"Cool!" said Ariel.

Suddenly Max talked. "Groovy!" said Max.

Everybody took a deep breath. "Wow!" shouted Emelia.

"It's nice to talk with you," said Max.

Then Princess Sun said, "Look, it's a saucer with a green thing coming out of it!"

"Hey!" Eric softly shouted. "Can I see the binoculars?"

"It's an alien!" said Eric.

"Get closer to it, Rainbow," said Emelia.

"I don't have to," shouted Rainbow. "It's coming to us."

Ariel said something strange.

"You see," said Ariel, "I'm trying to speak to them, and I think it's working!"

"What are they saying?" asked Rainbow.

"They did not say anything yet."

"Wait! They saw Star and they knew which way she went!"


...To Be Continued Next Week! Stay Tuned!

Who is Emelia? Emelia Brumbaugh

by Ariel Brumbaugh, Junior Reporter & Big Sister


Emelia Brumbaugh, 8, goes to school at Lothian Elementary. Her favorite book is The BFG.


Q Where did you get the idea for a story about imaginary creatures?

A My mom used to tell us stories about Princess Sun, Star, Ariel, Eric (my sister's friend)and me.


Q Is this your first book?

A This is my second. My first was The Hobblet. It was my version of The Hobbit. I like writing fantasy stories.


Q Why do you like writing fantasy?

A I can use my imagination and anything can happen.


Q What's your favorite part in the story?

A I liked it when Max said "Groovy"!


Q What's best about writing?

A Making up characters.


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