Not Just for Kids

The Piñata Party

-Angela Griffith, 4 years old

The Tidewater School; as told to her teacher

The chipmunk used the stick to break the piñata. It was so much fun that she asked her mother if she could have a

piñata party. Her mother said, "Yes. We'll have to go to the piñata store."

They went to the piñata store. Chipmunk picked out the most magnificient sun piñata. She invited all her friends over.

The friends used a stick to hit the piñata. It broke in half.

When it broke, the children all froze. It spilled out things that the children liked. They picked up all the things that they wanted.

Then chipmunk carried all her things up to her room. She went to bed and dreamed about her piñata.

Drawing by Angela Griffith

Why wait for Groundhog Day?

If you have a sunny windowsill, you can start Spring early on your own!

All you need are some flower bulbs. Paperwhites are a pretty choice this time of year, or check your local garden shop for ideas. You don't even need dirt! Just a watertight dish (Tupperware works well) and some marbles (or small stones).

Fill the dish with marbles. Pack them loosely enough that you'll have room to place the flower bulbs in the top layer, but tightly enough that the bulbs will be held in place. Then add enough water to wet the marbles. Put it in a sunny spot. Keep the marbles moist, and watch some flowers grow!

Figure it Out! (It's a message)

Answer at bottom of page

Answer: I wish for snow so I can play and do fun winter games!

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January 29 - Februrary 4, 1998
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