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What Am I?

by John C. Hines III

I am neither cold nor hot,
I cannot leap nor walk.
I can be big or small,
And many shapes and sizes.
I can be green or red,
Maybe yellow, white or orange.
I can sail over seas like a boat
Or fly over land like a bird.
As high up or far down as I want,
I can be blown by the wind or swept by the waves.
I can be eaten for food
Or provide protection and shelter.
Many of my kind can be leapt for fun
or collected for show.
I can be pure or full of holes.
My friends are the sun, wind and rain;
My enemies are the shadows and the wood cutter.
But most important,
I am me; 
That's all that matters

John Hines, 14, of Fairhaven, wrote this poem this summer for something to do. Now he's back in school at Southern High.

Who Would Have Thought It?

Sometimes things you just do go places you never imagined. One of those things is the famous bunny, Miffy.

		my fur is white, my ears are long
		they call me miffy bun
		sometimes you see me from the back
		but mostly from the front


Do you know this bunny? She's the hero of many books you may have read, books like miffy in the zoo or miffy in the snow or miffy at the seaside or miffy's bicycle or miffy is crying. Each book has miffy and lots of bunny heads12 drawings and 12 poems, each one four lines long.


Miffy was born many years ago on a summer vacation.


		The bunny pair were overjoyed
		quite soon the baby came,
		with ears so long, and fur so white -
		and miffy was her name.


Her father is artist Dick Bruna. His model was his son's toy bunny. Now Miffy has friends around the world.

would have thought it?


If you're a friend of Miffy's, maybe you'd like to meet her father. Dick Bruna visits this weekend, traveling half way around the world from his home in Utrecht, a town in The Netherlands.

Meet Miffy and Dick Bruna at 10:30am Monday, Nov. 9 at Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447.


Kids' Calendar

Fantasy Hour Fri. Nov. 13 (7:30-8:30pm)-Listen to fantastic stories of fair princesses, knights in shining armor and castles before making a castle of your own out of cardboard to take home. Barnes & Noble, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/573-1115.

Kids' Play Sat. Nov. 14 (11:30am)-Aesop's Fables come to life on-stage in Chesapeake Music Hall's series of plays for kids. Hot dog, PBJ & ice cream for lunch. 339 Busch's Frontage Rd., Annapolis. $8.95: 800/406-0306.

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