Not Just for Kids

The Mystery of the Frozen Candy Stealers

-Written by Josh Shane Marshall

Ding! It's Halloween day and school is finally over in an unknown neighborhood.

Trick or Treating is about to begin in the house of two brothers named Josh and Billy.

Billy and Josh are Trick or Treating. They have no candy yet. They are very angry.

They went up to their room and looked out their window. They saw two kids in these scary costumes that were brown.

Billy and Josh see those two in brown look so scary that they are freezing parents. But who are those two scary people?

They have three big bags of candy and they're not even halfway through.

All the candy is disappearing!

To Be Continued ...

We know, a Halloween story seems a little unusual in February.But Josh and Billy were inspired by Halloween, and have worked hard to get this story finished.We wanted to bring it to you while it's HOT!

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Volume VI Number 5
Februrary 5-11, 1998
New Bay Times

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