Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 12
March 26 - April 1, 1998

NBT Beats Online Blues

Dear New Bay Times:

My husband and I love your magazine. Besides missing our boat during the winter months, we also miss reading your magazine. In the last few years, I've enjoyed the articles while relaxing on our boat. The winters seemed long and occasionally we'd take a trip to see our boat and pick up your magazine at one of the local merchants near our marina.

I was extremely happy when I realized that I could find your magazine online. It was very comforting and will get me though the rest of the dreaded "off season."

-Phoebe Smith, AOL


Editor's Note: We're extremely happy you found us. NBT went online at www.bayweekly.com only last week, thanks to the savvy of Webmaster Brianne Warner and the support of Bruce Wahl of WebWave.

Let's Hear It for Bad News

Dear New Bay Times:

More U. S. citizens filed for bankruptcy in 1997 than in any previous year. Nearly one and a half million U.S. citizens went bankrupt last year, according to government figures released recently.

If the economy is so good, why then are so many Americans hitting rock bottom?

My feeling is that our economy is not nearly as good as the media and politicians would have us believe. For one thing, if you're a wealthy television actor or network commentator, then why wouldn't you believe we have a good economy?

I'm not against letting the market dictate what people are paid. And I'm certainly not talking abut local media outlets that are often struggling just to make ends meet. I'm talking about mega-corporations, some of them foreign-owned, who might be painting a more rosy picture of the economy than really exists.

Why don't the television network executives and big city newspaper editors do more stories about the millions of struggling American families. Why don't they do more to try to educate the less fortunate about the consequences of "easy payment plans"?

Big media could do more to help educate the public than preach "good economy." But that's not likely to happen. Frightened consumers don't spend as much money.

-John Douglas Parran, St. Leonard

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