Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 13
April 2-8, 1998

Never Too Late for a Good Word

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I am a bit late in getting this letter to you, but it is truly never too late for congratulations on a great article. I am referring to the article that appeared in November (Vol. V, No. 45) on Maya Angelou's joining the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation.

The article was very well written and it is most encouraging for the Foundation to have such a prestigious co-chair to help complete the story wall on Compromise Street.

The drawing on the cover by Jay Kabriel also drew our attention, particularly since it so clearly shows the Historic Annapolis Foundation Museum Store across the street!

Keep up the good work.

-Ann M. Fligsten, President,

Historic Annapolis Foundation

Advice to Weirdo: Shermans Fought on Both Sides

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

We pick up your paper whenever we are at Rips' Restaurant in Bowie or at Fresh Fields at Annapolis Harbour Center.

We read with interest News of the Weird in your March 19-25 issue. Especially about that fellow in Hardeeville, S.C., Henry Ingram Jr. He denies access to his property to all those of the Yankee race and to anyone whose name is Sherman.

That benighted fellow did not do too much research on the Sherman name. My wife's great-grandfather served in the Confederate Fifth Virginia Infantry. His name: Peter Conrad Sherman.

Peter Conrad Sherman was captured at the Mule Shoe, Spotsylvania Court House, May 12, 1864. He was imprisoned at Ft. Delaware, where he died in early January, 1865, and was buried at Finns Point National Cemetery, Salem, N.J.

His father also served in a Confederate Cavalry unit.

So Mr. Ingram is doing a great disservice to many Confederate soldiers who just happened to bear the name Sherman.

-Harry Olsen Jr., Lothian

Are Lascivious Lentils Behind the President's Libido?

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Here's one explanation for the presidential libido that hasn't been considered yet: veggie burgers.

Vegetarians enjoy longer, livelier sex lives: meat-eaters suffer from higher rates of impotence and prostate cancer because meat clogs up the arteries going to all their organs, not just their heart.

So if Chelsea Clinton, a devoted vegetarian, convinced her father to cut out meat, torrid tofu and lascivious lentils may be behind the escapades in the Oval Office.

Those who want their sex drives to reach presidential proportions should contact People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for free, sinfully delicious vegetarian recipes: 888/veg-food.

-Alison Green for PETA

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