Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 15
April 16-22, 1998

Another Eagle Counted

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thanks for your story about the prevalence of eagles in Chesapeake Country (March 26) by M.L. Faunce. I thought the piece was beautifully written and the author's experiences in Alaska and elsewhere lent an air of veracity. The descriptions also helped settle argument with my husband about the bird circling near our house last Tuesday - it was an eagle, not a vulture or osprey.

- Cathy Reynolds, Dunkirk

He's Back: GOP's Parran to Run Again

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thank you for this opportunity to tell New Bay Times readers that I have decided to make another run for the office of Calvert County commissioner. I filed to be a candidate on April 6.

The last time I was a candidate was for Congress in 1996. I did fairly well considering that I didn't accept any contributions and I didn't spend much money. I won Calvert and St. Mary's counties by a large margin. I also won Charles County in the GOP primary but lost the nomination to State Del. John Morgan.

In 1994, I was a candidate for county commissioner but finished seventh in a crowded field of good candidates in the general election. This year, I will campaign hard and meet as many of you as I can. This November, my victory will be a victory for the people. A victory that says that special interest money can not buy a public office.

I will not ask for, nor accept, any campaign contributions. I will finance my entire campaign so I will not be spending nearly as much on advertising as some of the other candidates. I've never received any newspaper endorsements and I don't expect any this year. I also pledge to support term-limits for Calvert County commissioners.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on the campaign trail.

- John Douglas Parran, St. Leonard

Getting to the Corps in Wetlands

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Congressman Wayne Gilchrest always strikes me as an environmentalist willing to stand up to fellow Republicans who don't take a green outlook. And I thought he made some good points in the commentary he wrote in last week's New Bay Times called "Give Nature a Chance: The Case for Federal Wetlands Protection."

But when he says that his bill "clearly authorizes the Army Corps" (of Engineers) to regulate wetlands, I'm not impressed. The Corps always has been a rubber stamp for developers - Chapman's Landing in Southern Maryland and the Franklin Point (Baldwin's Choice) development in Shady Side were both routinely approved by the Corps and both are potential disasters. Shouldn't the EPA, which has a good track record in this area, be the ones to make the decision?

- Chuck Miller, Shady Side

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