Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 17
April 30 - May 6, 1998

Birthday Hoorays

Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

Congratulations to Sandra Martin and all the excellent staff of New Bay Times. Happy fifth anniversary.

- Loretta Breen, Lothian


Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

Congratulations to you all! Loved your Earth Day edition, especially Betsy Kehne's compost story and her great cover art. Keep up the good work.

- Audrey Scharman, Lusby

Likes Us, Discreet Headlines

Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

I would like to compliment you on the content and format of New Bay Times Weekly. It is my favorite local paper. I like the fact that you don't go for the sensational headline. Your articles are informative and to the point. Thanks; it is refreshing.

- Pamela J. Sisson, President,

Fishing Creek Landings Marina, Chesapeake Beach

Shrink Wrap Rapped

Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

There are tons of recyclable plastic used to cover boats in Anne Arundel County each winter. There is no recycling facility set up to accept that plastic.

We think it's irresponsible of the county to neglect the opportunity to recycle. Baltimore and Kent Counties have done the right thing. Now it's time for Anne Arundel to get with it.

Thanks to New Bay Times for being there for all of us. We appreciate your dedication.

-Karen and Brian Czarnowski, Galesville

Hounds Need Houses, Too

Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

Is a tipped over garbage can proper shelter for a dog? How about under a car?

Humane Society investigators witnessed a chained dog with her puppies huddled against a barn under a leaning sheet of plywood. This is perfectly legal in Calvert County.

In an unprecedented show of unity, four local humane organizations drafted their recommendations for improving current animal regulations for Calvert County. Among the recommendations was a simple requirement that dogs left outside have dog houses.

Nothing from those well-thought-out pages of recommendations was considered valid by Calvert County commissioners. When a streamlined version - borrowed verbatim from St. Mary's and Charles County regulations - was submitted on April 6, it received less than 60 seconds of the commissioners' time before being rejected.

Maryland law says simply that animals need "shelter or protection from weather." Our neighboring counties saw fit to define proper shelter in their local ordinance. Why doesn't Calvert?

If you support our efforts, please write the Calvert County commissioners at the Calvert County Courthouse, 175 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678 or call 410/535-2160.

-Ken True, President, Humane Society of Calvert County, Inc.

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