Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 33
August 20-26, 1998

Owings Reprimands Rooney

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

As you would expect, I need to borrow a bit of space on your Letters page to clarify a few comments made by my opponent, Joe Rooney, regarding my recent interview with NBT ["Campaign Trail: Owings vs. Rooney," July 16-22].

When speaking regarding Mr. Rooney's residency, it was to make a point. Anyone moving here, into the fastest growing region in Maryland, during the past 11 years did so under my watch. There had to be an attraction that drew them here, whether low crime rates, good schools, great roads or the rural lifestyle. If, under my tenure of service, I am solely responsible for all that is wrong with government, then in the spirit of fairness I must also be responsible for all that is good -- for all that attracts and retains newcomers. The comment had nothing whatsoever to do with qualifications for public office. The issue of qualifications will be laid squarely on the table very shortly in public candidate forums for all to judge.

As far as my pet road project goes, it is moving forward, as all who attended the public meeting on Feb. 19 know. Of course I was there and I'll bet you can guess who I didn't see. In any event, with the involvement of the federal, state and local governments, plus the loss of certain funds in 1992 addressed previously, things do not move so quickly as some would like.

You should know that design approval for Alternate Rt. 2 Modified has been granted (May 5) and we are moving forward, with final design in two weeks. From a projects standpoint, my #1 priority when taking office in 1988 was the Wayson's Corner by-pass, but that did not happen quickly either. That story is now part of history and is enjoyed by thousands. The Rt. 260/4 project will have the same ending guaranteed.

Thanks for the time. Thanks for the space. I'll see you on the trail!

-George W. Owings III, Delegate, District 27B

'Power' Squadron Says Leave Out the 'Boat'

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I enjoyed your article on your experiences with Mickey Courtney ["How I Learned to Take 300 Horses for a Ride on Chesapeake Bay" July 30-Aug. 5] but do wish you had taken time to get our organization's correct name. I, like Courtney, am a past commander of the Annapolis Power -- not Powerboat -- Squadron, a boater safety and education organization of 250 men and women. We are a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, which brackets some 65,000 members. Our public boating classes resume in October this year.

-Bob LaPorte, Severna Park

Thanks: Hamalainen Wrote History Right

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Aloysia Hamalainen's article on Historic St. Mary's City [At St. Mary's, Peeling Back the Skin of Time; July 30-Aug. 5] and the dig was lovely. We seldom get articles where the writer "gets" Historic St. Mary's City. Many thanks.

-Karin Stanford

Editor's note: Stanford is spokesperson for Historic St. Mary's City.

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