Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 36
September 10-16, 1998

Call in the 'Doc'

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I like "Doc" Shereikis' movie reviews because he seems to be about the same age as me with some of the same sensibilities, and I began to trust his opinions. Now who is this Jeff person who gave Lethal Weapon a 'B'? I miss him and hope he reviews more.

-Judy Graham, Annapolis

Editor's Note: When NBT's Movie Professor "Doc" Shereikis is off on his island, substitutes grade movies in his place. Meanwhile, younger, hipper Jeff Ignatius, Doc's summer replacement, has ended his tenure. Ignatius, we're glad to report, moves up, becoming the editor of The Octopus, an alternative newspaper in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

For more on the movies, don't miss this week's feature story, "The Best of the Movies' First Century - What a 'Little Guy' Loves" by freelancer Edward Allan Faine, of Takoma Park.

Two-Thirds Right on Summer Triangle

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

In your Aug. 6-12 issue, I noticed that the stars of the summer triangle were incorrectly identified in "Summer Star Gazing" [Not Just for Kids]. The stars of the summer triangle are Deneb, Vega and Altair. The star Capella is well over the horizon in the summer and is not part of the triangle.

Still, I applaud the effort to raise the public's knowledge of things astronomical. Are you aware of any organized star-gazing groups in the area? Or do you think there is significant interest in forming such a group? An appeal in New Bay Times just might get the ball rolling. You can count me in.

-Thomas Reppert, Crofton

Editor's Note: Down at Arthur Storer Planetarium in Prince Frederick, Shawn Laatsch organizes night sky star-gazing as well as planetarium shows. Call for the fall schedule: 410/535-7339.

Kunta Kinte Says Thanks

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your support featuring the Kunta Kinte Heritage festival inside New Bay Times [August 6-12]. It's people like "Good Bay Times" editor Mark Burns, and organizations like New Bay Times, who make the festival one of the best events in the country. The festival was great.

- Kelvin Jenkins, Kunta Kinte Celebrations, Arnold

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