Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 4
January 29 - February 4, 1998

Telling It Like It Is

Dear New Bay Times:

Congratulations to New Bay Times for its strongly worded editorial, "Klan Convenes the Powers of Hate" (January 22-28).

I recall my mother, who grew up in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. in the 1920s and '30s, tell of the chilling effect of looking across the Potomac River as the Klan burned crosses on the Virginia shore. When we look at the Klan's history of hate and intimidation and racism, the image is as chilling today as this organization plans to gather in our own community.

Big city newspapers often carry editorials crafted in such a way that, while they may cover all the bases on a given subject, you're hard pressed to learn the paper's viewpoint. Editors at New Bay Times tell us what's on their mind, so we can make up our mind, on issues as onerous as the planned visit by the Klan. First amendment issues are never easy; most of us usually end up holding our nose as we ponder protections persistent in our Constitution while we wonder about our own rights.

New Bay Times has the courage to take a stand: it will call a rose a rose, and a rotten fish a rotten fish. So when NBT speaks, I listen.

-F.L. Collins, Churchton

Adopt Calvert Cliffs Trail

Dear New Bay Times:

I am a Senior Girl Scout in Calvert County currently working on my Gold Award. My program is to plan and implement an Adopt-A-Trail program.

Through volunteering at Calvert Cliffs State park, I have learned about the park's budget and maintenance. Calvert Cliffs State park has six trails totaling 13 miles, encompassing 1,200 acres.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a limited budget for the park. So the volunteer Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park donate their time and use the money collected at the entrance gate to keep the park up and running. Both groups also have a limited amount of time to maintain the entire park, so many trails are in need of maintenance.

I have accepted the challenge of leading an Adopt-A-Trail effort and now am looking for volunteers to adopt a trail. I am very excited about the prospects of the program. This is a year-long contract to which an organization must commit four clean-up days.

I encourage any group or individuals with a little time on their hands and willingness to help to contact me by phone (410/586-3577) or e-mail ([email protected]). I will send an application and additional information to you.

-Donnalyn Roxey, Port Republic

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