Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 46
November 19-25, 1998

Thanks from Del. Owings

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many citizens and organizations of Maryland who expressed support through their financial support and open endorsements during my campaign to return to the House of Delegates to represent the constituents in District 27B.

During the campaign, I had many invitations to meet with groups and organizations, and I am very grateful to all those who provided this opportunity as well as to all who attended those functions. I am most grateful to the many constituents who helped me in my campaign in any way, known and unknown. Finally and especially, I sincerely thank those of you who voted for my return to the House of Delegates.

In these troubled times, I am impressed with the simple truth found in a statement of a former president of the United States, Grover Cleveland, who said, "Public office is a public trust."

My dad, who along with Louis Goldstein represented Calvert County for many years in the legislature, believed this and by precept and example instilled this rock-solid belief in me. This has been a foundation of my political life and continues to be.
Again, my heart-felt gratitude for your belief, trust and vote.

-George W. Owings III, Delegate

More for the Poor

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

As a young idealist (and former student of Bill Burton), I read New Bay Times’ mission statement with a sense of great encouragement. Unfortunately, the dream espoused seems limited to an ecological, Chesapeake Bay lifestyle. The idea of a self-sustaining lifestyle is a worthy one undermined by the license it gives to Annapolitan types to be complacent.
Along with documenting environmental policy in this area, I would like to see more coverage of issues like the attempted takeover of Clay Street, emerging gentrification and the lack of facilities and outlets for the poor and the youth in this town.

-John von Kerczek, Annapolis

On-Line Tides, Please

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

How about publishing the tides on the your web page? We are down at Deale on weekends but make our plans earlier in the week. Really enjoy your paper!

-Caroline Wugofski, Silver Spring

Discovered in Dallas

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I enjoy reading the paper NBT that my mother, Virginia Dinzler, gets so I just took a flyer and found you on the internet. Great site. I look forward to checking in on you every week from now on

-William Dalton, Dallas, Texas

Lost without Londontown

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

When are you going to publish "Letters from London Town" again? Those letters kept me up to date on what was going on at the site.

-Alexander Lavish, Lusby

Editor’s note: Your favorite feature now goes under the title "Letters from Lost Towns" to include all the lost towns of Anne Arundel County. We published archaeologist James Gibb’s fourth letter in the issue of October 29-Nov. 4 and are waiting for more.

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