Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 49
December 10-16, 1998

Conserve the Coast; Save the Fish

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

This is just a brief note to say thank you for the fine editorial "Are Virginia Fish Factories Starving Maryland's Bay" in your Nov. 26-Dec. 2 issue of New Bay Times.

Thanks for getting the message out.

-John Streb, President, Pasadena Chapter Coastal Conservation Association

Share Your Holiday Spirit

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Anne Arundel County's Holiday Sharing program is in high gear, having successfully matched more than 1,200 county families and donors by Dec. 8. We are hoping to match another 321 families with donors before the holidays. If you haven't participated in Holiday Sharing, it's a wonderful way to end the old year and begin the new. We invite you to join us in sharing this holiday season. Cash contributions are also welcome. Call 410/269-4462 for information.

-Edward R. Bloom, Director Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services

Looking Ahead to Chesapeake's Next Millennium

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Taking a major step toward charting the course for Chesapeake Bay preservation and restoration in the new millennium, the Chesapeake Bay Program Executive Council - representing Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C and the U.S. EPA and chaired by me - signed on Dec. 8 a directive called Chesapeake 2000. The directive will measure progress, develop innovative ways to address current problems and construct a plan to meet the challenges of the next century.

The Executive Council also adopted a Community Watershed Initiative, which will increase emphasis on watershed restoration, planning and management on a local level.

The daily lives of citizens throughout the watershed in their homes, neighborhoods and communities have an impact on the Chesapeake Bay. Just as Maryland's Tributary Teams have successfully focused attention and effort on solving problems on a tributary by tributary basis, this initiative is designed to encourage local efforts to promote watershed restoration in communities and neighborhoods throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.

We have come a long way since the original Chesapeake Bay agreement was signed in 1983 and have made significant progress both in cleaning up the Bay and in improving our scientific understanding of how this complex ecosystem works. Our goal is to sign a new Bay Agreement on Earth Day in the year 2000 that will build on our current accomplishment and guide our restoration efforts into the 21st century.

-Parris N. Glendening, Governor of Maryland

Conserve the Coast; Save the Fish

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thanks for helping the Annapolis Lions publicize our fruit sales once again this year. They're one more way we raise money to put back into the community when people need help. The next deadline for ordering oranges, grapefruits and tangerines fresh from Florida is Dec. 13. Pick up is Dec. 19 @ Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. To order, call 410/263-6311.

I keep up with the paper every week. The first thing I read is Skywatch; Letters to the Editor come next.

-Robert F. Hansen, Annapolis

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