Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 51
December 23, 1998 - January 6, 1999

We Got Lots and Lots of Letters

Editor's note: Your letters are our favorite part of the paper. We thank all who wrote this year - and hope we'll hear from you - and those of you who've remained silent - in 1999.

A: Marion Arhar, Dunkirk * H. Catherine Armiger, Lothian * Peggy Arness, Kenai, Ak. * Lisa Ashton and Roger Bennett, Shady Side

B: Betty Becke, Fairhaven * Mike Bevenour, Tom Duvall, Brett Joseph and Jim Foster, SACReD * Dan Blessington, Albania * Edward R. Bloom, Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services * Loretta Breen, Dunkirk * Mary Byrd Brown, Severna Park * D.C. Bourne, Churchton * David Bury, Owings

C: Ron Camp, Prince Frederick * Shannon Briscoe Campbell, The Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Leonard * Lou Sullivan Carter, SPCA of Anne Arundel County * F.L. Collins, Churchton * Shelly Collingsworth, The Kevin E. Reichardt Foundation * Steven Cover, Anne Arundel County PACE * Sue Crandall, Edgewater * Karen and Brian Czarnowski, Galesville

D: William Dalton, Dallas, Tx. * Mavis and George Daly, Shady Side Rural Heritage Society * Connie Darago, Huntingtown * Capt. John Deering, Shady Side Charters

E: Steven R. Eastaugh, Berlin, Md. * Evan Etter and Kelly Smith, Annapolis * Dawn Evans, Annapolis * Tony Evans, Annapolis

F: Edward Allen Faine, Takoma Park * Chuck Fuller, Annapolis

G: Tom Gill, North Beach * Parris N. Glendening, Governor of the State of Maryland * Rob Green, Upper Marlboro * Lillian Griffith, Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District

H: Robert F. Hansen, Annapolis * J.A. Hoage, Severna Park * Tom Holbrook, Silver Spring * Chris Homan, North Beach

J: Kelvin Jenkins, Arnold

K: Jim Kelly, Annapolis Jaycees * Ty Kelly, Calvert County * Stephanie Kimlicko, American Field Service * W. Kendall, Bowie * Wm. Michael Kitzmiller, Tracys Landing * Bob and Rose Kovich, West River

L: JoAnn Lamp, SPCA * Bob LaPorte, Severna Park * Alexander Lavish, Lusby * Shirley Lavish, Lusby * Jay Lounsburg, Dunkirk * Jane Lowry, Huntingtown * Alvin Lucchi, Annapolis

M: E. McDonald, Falls Church, Va. * Marty Madden, Prince Fredreick * Chris May, Deale * Donald Mayhew, Martha's Vineyard * Sally Mastroberti, Missy Hopkins and Jim Jones, for South County Wildcats * Chuck Miller, Shady Side * Gene Miller, Fairhaven * William Moulden, Severna Park * Kent Mountford, Lusby

N: A. Nikkolai, Shady Side * Gale Noguela, Annapolis

O: William O. Oldson and Elena F. Richburg, Florida State University, Tallahassee * George W. Owings III, Delegate. District 27B

P: Bill Papian, Shady Side * John Douglas Parran, St. Leonard * Anne Pearson, Alliance for Sustainable Communities * Ivan Petric, Dunkirk * Bob Pfeiffer, Oyster Recovery Project

R: Thomas Reppert, Crofton * Cathy Reynolds, Dunkirk * Bradley D. Rohrer, Annapolis * Joe Rooney, Tracys Landing * Mary Rose, Deale * Donnalyn Roxey, Prince Frederick * Joseph S. Rvchetnik, Palm Springs, Ca.

S: Carolyn W. Sanger: Child and Adolescent Public Policy Council * Mark "Chip" Saunders, Waldorf * Audrey Scharmen, Lusby * Jack Sherwood, Severna Park * Pamela J. Sisson, Chesapeake Beach * Phoebe Smith, America on Line * Carol & Carolyn Stallings, Tracys Landing * Karin Stanford, Historic St. Mary's City * Harriet M. Stout, Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum * John Streb, Pasadena Chapter Coastal Conservation Association * Robert A. "Bobby" Sturgell, Owings

T: Joyce Lyons Terhes, Prince Frederick * Sara Taylor, West River * Stephen Trombley, Brookline, Mass. * Ken True, Humane Society of Calvert County

V: John von Kerczek, Annapolis

W: Jack Wade, Churchton * Elizabeth Weir, Lake Bloomington, Ill. * Joan Seward Willey, The Sierra Club, Anne Arundel Group * Susie Armstrong Wills, Rose Haven * Caroline Wugofski, Silver Spring * Ron Wolfe, Deale

Y: Alice Yeager, Annapolis Healing Arts Alliance

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