History Shows It's True: Every Vote Does Count
by Jake Mohorovic

For many Marylanders, September 15 may be a typical Tuesday.

Marylanders will rise from sleep, eat breakfast, read the morning newspaper, take the children to school and go off to work. Marylanders will be busy during the day keeping appointments, eating lunch on the run, then completing work and heading back home.

There will be dinner, listening to the news, running an errand - and suddenly realizing September 15 is not just another Tuesday. It is Election Day. It is your day to cast a ballot - a ballot to determine the future of your family - and to participate in the privilege of determining the future political leaders of your neighborhood.

September 15 will be a decision time. Do you say, 'My vote will not make a difference?' or do you say, 'Yes, I do care about the future of my community and who will lead my community'. Do you ask yourself the crucial question: 'Who do I want to be the leaders of my district for the next four years as we move into the 21st century'.

As you consider those questions, please read on. The next several examples may help you make the best choices.

Clearly, one vote has changed the course of history.

Closer to home, one vote has decided who would be homecoming queen, PTA head or president of the civic association. These community voting events changed the lives of people in your neighborhood, on your street.

Every vote does count. Each vote will impact the future of our neighborhoods, the course of American history and world events. It begins with you. On September 15, history is awaiting your decision.

On September 15, grab your car keys, gather up the family and go vote.

-Delegate Jake Mohorovic, of Baltimore County, represents District 7.

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Volume VI Number 36
September 10-16, 1998
New Bay Times

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