Bay Bites
Mad About March
by Gabby Crabcakes

As March rolls around, people are filled with renewal and enlightenment. The first day of spring; dormant bulbs emerging from thawed ground; the sun climbing higher and longer in the sky.

On the other hand, others are saddened by the month of March, as it represents the end of not one but two magical seasons: Chesapeake Bay oysters and college basketball.

This may seem like an odd combination. Some folk may prefer one to another. And the rare bird has no affinity to either. From my perspective, both give great pleasure, and while both start in the fall, their end seems sooner with each passing year.
Here are some ways to take advantage of what is left of these two seasons while there’s still time.

The Chesapeake Bay oyster is a treasure to our region. Homage is natural as harvesting winds down. The adage that any month with an "R" in it is a good month for oysters no longer applies; the true season now begins in October and ends in March (one less "R" on either end). As we bid Maryland oysters adieu until fall, what better way than an oyster roast.

While many local communities and organizations host a number of fund-raisers and socials highlighting these Bay treasures, the one I’m particularly fond of is the Deale Volunteer Fire Department’s Oyster Roast. Conveniently scheduled for this Saturday, March 20 from 1pm to 5pm, this oyster bonanza is a great way to fill up on as many fresh shucked, steamed, fried or puffed (deep fried in pancake batter) delectables, as well as ham, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans and beer. It’s all you can eat and drink for $18 (half price for the youngsters). To keep you entertained while eating, chances are taken on previously recorded horse races (all proceeds go to support the fire department).

A day dedicated to eating oysters and having fun is my perfect way to celebrate the end of the oyster season.

If you’re more inclined to order from a menu, I recommend some of my favorite destinations for satisfying my craving for fried oysters. Try Edgewater Restaurant; Happy Harbor Inn in Deale; The Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie; and Harrison’s Chesapeake Inn on Tilghman Island. With only two weeks left, you’d better get busy!

The NCAA’s "March Madness" softens the blow of the end of the college basketball season. And it’s much more satisfying to watch your team win with a crowd of friends, both old and new. For that matter, a painful loss can be more bearable when shared.

It’s not a unique idea, but many local taverns are hosting "March Madness" festivities. The following are a few that have the necessary equipment (TVs), special promotions and a nice camaraderie of fans. Check out: Surfside 7 in Edgewater; the Clipper Cantina in Eastport; Jillian’s in Parole; Adam’s in Edgewater; and O’Brien’s on City Dock.

Wherever you go, Go Terps!

Have we missed your favorite? Let us know for next year. Meanwhile, look for oyster feasts in Good Bay Times.

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Volume VII Number 11
March 18-24, 1999
New Bay Times

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