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This week's guest writer is 8-year-old Emelia Brumbaugh from Mrs. Starnes' third grade class at Lothian Elementary School.

Her assignment? Write a fairy tale ­ without including any blood, guts or gore!

The Dragon's Princess by Emelia Brumbaugh

Once up a time, a long, long time ago, past a sea in an enchanted forest, there lived a dragon (a very rare, mean one at that). On the other side of the sea, there lived a princess. She lived in a big, beautiful castle. Her name was Buttercup. She was very improper ­ and some people even called her a tomboy! One day her mother told her to go pick some flowers. Buttercup rolled her eyes, but did as she was told. As soon as she left the castle, she started toward the row boat.

"I think I think I'll go to the enchanted forest," she said.

"Oh no!" cried a startled voice. Buttercup looked up and saw a plump, round object. It was Freaple, her fairy. Freaple was wearing a glittery lace pink bonnet and a bright pea-green dress that flowed past her knees to her ankles. Also she wore tiny slippers matching her bonnet. "You know your pop said it was forbidden," Freaple yelled. " Well, wake up you silly girl!"

Buttercup shook herself awake and laughed. "Don't worry. Just don't tell Mum or Pop." Then Buttercup got more stern and threatened Freaple with her sword. After that, Freaple's teeth chattered and Freaple bit her nails, so it sounded something like this, "chew chat, chat, chat chew, chat, chat."

Buttercup packed up. Then she pushed the boat with her right hand, jumped and pulled herself in with her left. You understand, this was in the morning, and she hadn't eaten or packed any breakfast.

"I'm hungry. I wish I had some cereal," said Buttercup. Well the gods must've been listening because out of the sky came a box of Lucky Charms, and in one gulp Buttercup ate them.

Finally Buttercup got to the enchanted forest, tied the boat and stepped into a bunch of prickles. She untangled the prickles from her clothes. Buttercup looked up, "Oh my gosh! It's so beautiful!" Buttercup stood wide-eyed and sighed. You would have burst out laughing if you saw her. Suddenly a long, long scaley object wrapped around her legs, like a BOA!

"Ah-ah! A snake!" yelled Freaple, who had snuck into the boat. She laid down on Buttercup's head crying and screaming, "Snake! Snake! The boa's got ya!"

Buttercup looked more closely at the scaley object. It wasn't a snake ­ it was worse!

It was the dragon!

Just as she was thinking what to do, Freaple interrupted her thoughts, "I'm going to tell your mum and pop on you!" She sounded like she was bragging about what she could do.

As soon as Freaple left, the dragon took Buttercup into his castle. He calmly said to her, "You're my princess now. We have dinner at 7. The kitchen is over there. You'll find the food. Meanwhile, dust those books." Then he went away.

A few days later, knights came to rescue Buttercup. "No, no and for the last time, no again! I've got to teach this dragon to be nice!" yelled Buttercup. So all the knights and princes went away.

Days passed but Buttercup made progress in making the dragon nice. One day, they decided to go to Buttercup's castle. Finally they got there.

Then the dragon got out and said, "My lady," and held out his hand. But instead of taking his hand she jumped out and kissed him. Suddenly the dragon turned into a handsome prince. A few days later, they got married and lived happily ever after!

The End ­ or is it? Watch for more fairy tales by Emelia's classmates on future Not Just For Kids pages!

Kids' Calendar

Commune with Nature Fri. April 2 (8-5)-School's out for you lucky kids in PG County. Fill your day with something to do at Kids' Day Out with Nature, featuring nature hikes, games, crafts and more. Watkins Nature Center, Upper Marlboro. rsvp: 301/249-6202.

Sabre-Toothed Bunny Leaves a Trail Sat. April 3 (10am)-The prehistoric bunny rabbit struck again, spreading Easter Eggs thruout Calvert Cliffs State Park picnic area. Kids 8 and under hunt them for fun and prizes, plus get a peek at a neat display of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Bring your own basket. Lusby: 301/872-5688.

Stalk Eggs Sat. April 3 (10am)-Kids ages 2 to middle school-age browse the grasses of Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Win prizes for special golden or silver eggs. Also enjoy refreshments and face painting. Deale: 410/867-7417.

Baggie Bonnets Sat. April 3 (2pm)-Kids ages 4-7 create their own paper-bag Easter hats in a special Zany Brainy workshop. Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447.

Floppy Ears and Flumpa April 3-4 (11-4)-Take an expedition into Baltimore Zoo for the Bunny BonanZoo, the area's biggest bunny hop complete with games, crafts, entertainers, an egg hunt, barnyard babies in the petting zoo and visits with Hoppy the Bunny. Also delight in a special fun and educational performance by Flumpa, the adventurous rainforest tree frog. Druid Hill Park, Baltimore. $5.50 kids, $9 adults: 410/266-5432.

Stuffed Friends do Lunch Tues. April 6 (12:30pm)-Kids ages 2-3 bring along their best bear or favorite stuffed animal for YWCA's Teddy Bear picnic. Includes lunch, crafts and a story time. YWCA, Arnold. rsvp: 410/626-7800.

Joyful Music & Barnyard Tales April 6 & 8 (10:30am)-Preschoolers get lively in a sing-along with Bowie Kindermusik teacher Gail Trafelet on Tuesday & settle in for a farm animal storytime with Ms. Carol on Thursday. Borders, Bowie: 301/352-5560.

Preschoolers no Longer April 6-9-Time to sign up for Anne Arundel kindergarten and pre-k in time for next year. To sign up, bring in the original birth certificate, a copy of immunization record and proof of residency to the nearest of the county's 19 elementary schools: 410/222-5441.

Pen Papers for Peace & Profit Submit by April 15-Maryland kids in grades 7 & 8 can compete to win prizes of $300, $200 or $100 dollars in the 3rd annual essay contest co-sponsored by Anne Arundel Peace Action and Maryland Peace Education Fund. To enter, write up to 1,200 words on this topic: "All public high school students in Maryland are required to complete community service hours to graduate. What are ways in which students can fulfill this requirement by working for peace, justice and tolerance in their community?" Call for more info: 410/263-7409.

Experience the Poland of Old April 18 & May 2 (1-4pm)-Check out a huge display of Polish art and artifacts in Walters Art Gallery's new exhibit, Land of the Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland, 1572-1764. Kids get to explore heraldry and tapestry design in special activities on the Renaissance Court. More fun is listed in Good Bay Times. At the Walters, 600 North Charles St., Baltimore. $4 ages 6-17; $10 adults; kids under age 6 free; group discounts: 410/547-9000.

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