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Beers Hardwood Floors

141 Gibralter St., Annapolis
By appt.
Owner: Larry Beers

A wood floor is not only one of life's great pleasures, it's also a great investment -- if it's done right. Doing your wood floors right the first time is the specialty of Beers Hardwood Floors where, as our name says, hardwood floors are our only business.

Turn to us first whether you're thinking of installing new wood floors or improving old ones. For new floors, we install your choice of either prefinished or unfinished flooring, the latter finished to your specifications. For existing floors, we sand and refinish in your choice of oil, water-based or Glitsa finish. Whichever way you go, you won't be disappointed with Beers.

One assurance of the quality of our product and service is our membership in the National Wood Flooring Association. Another is the recommendation of satisfied customers -- both homeowners throughout Chesapeake Country and such institutions as Historic Inns of Annapolis, St. John's College and Annapolis Mall.

Bittersweet Hill Nursery

1274 Governor's Bridge Rd., Davidsonville
Hours: 9am-6pm daily
Owner: Hildreth Morton

I began my nursery out of love for plants over 40 years ago, and I still run it that way. Everything here is special, as you'll see when you step inside one of my three greenhouses.

One is dedicated to herbs, and in its delightful fragrance you'll find a whole encyclopedia of herbs. For example, right now we've got seven different sorts of basil and lavender. I haven't even counted our thymes and sages yet.

In the center greenhouse, among our large selection of perennials and annuals, are our secret gardens. They change from time to time, and even though our friends tell us they don't see how we top the last one, we usually do. We have a nice greenhouse garden now, a whole miniature life village built around a toy train. On a smaller scale, you'll enjoy that same whimsy and attention to detail in our potted house plants, small topiaries and herb gardens.

Another greenhouse is full of seasonal plants.

Somewhere, we manage to fit in all our water lily exhibition pools, filled with fish and aquatic plants. We have both outdoor and indoor pools, some so cute and tidy you could bring them into your office.

The only thing better than our plants is our staff, all of whom work for love as well as money. They're good-natured, knowledgeable and eager to help you with gardening, plant and pond problems.

Come visit today, and come back for our Water Garden Festival June 12 and 13, with refreshments, lots of special exhibits and lectures.

The Calvert Homestead

4555 Sixes Rd., Prince Frederick
410/535-3786 or 5393
[email protected]
Hours: 8am-4pm daily; Sa 9am-5pm; call for Su hours
Owner: Barbara Burnett

If you crossed Mother Nature with Martha Stewart, you'd get Barbara Burnett, a wonder-worker who has dedicated her Calvert Homestead to the decorative possibilities of flowers and herbs.

It's early spring in the Homestead garden, where fresh cut pussy willow is treat of the season. Indoors, of course, you'll find dozens of spring wreaths lovely enough to tempt the weather to be warm. That's on top of the usual staggering array of dried flowers, many grown right on the Homestead. Choose your own wreath and spray makings from Mother Nature's diverse treasure chest, or -- and for most of us this is the wiser way -- welcome spring with one of Burnett's masterpieces, ready made or made to your order. Bet you can't choose just one!

By month's end, the Calvert Homestead greenhouse will be full of herbs and scented geraniums to plant in your own homestead.

Early Birds

5504 Muddy Creek Rd., West River
Open Sat. Sun. and Mon. 10-6 or by appt.
Owner: Suzie Robertson

With the coming of Early Birds, bird lovers in Southern Anne Arundel and northern Calvert counties have a store of their own. Local resident and amateur naturalist Suzie Robertson has gone into business to offer area residents a convenient location to buy food, houses and baths for birds, backyard wildlife and beneficial insects.

We're in the midst of the great spring migration, so many birds are looking for homes right now. At Early Birds, you'll find houses built to suit many species including bluebirds, Carolina wrens, chickadees, house wrens and titmice. Despite its name, Early Birds is species inclusive. Here, too, are houses for bats, bumblebees, butterflies and lady bugs.

Of course if you're going to house all those creatures, you'll have to feed them too. Shop at Early Birds for food for all those and squirrels, too. You'll also find books, gifts and garden accessories.

Robertson promises an ever fuller supply of products and expertise. "Our supply and variety is expanding weekly," said Robertson. What's more, she said, "If we don't have an answer, we'll get one."

Central Sod Farms

5501 Swamp Circle Rd., Churchton: 800/866-1387 (AA & PG counties)
920 John Brown Rd., Centreville: 410/827-5000
Hours: Daily 7am-5pm; Sa 8am-noon
Manager: Thomas Warpinski

Spring is here and it's time to start doing yard work. Sodding your yard is much faster and no harder than seeding. It's a cost-effective way to an instantly beautiful lawn.

Preparing your soil for sod is the first part of creating a healthy yard. The soil should be tilled three to six inches down, finely graded and as free of lumps as possible. Then lay the sod, staggering your seams in a brickwork appearance. Sod likes to be moist. Water it as you lay it to keep it fresh and looking as good as it does in our fields. Keep it quite moist but not muddy for the first week. Mow your new sod as soon as it looks like it needs it.

At Central Sod Farms, we offer two kinds of sod: Bluegrass and Turf Type Tall Fescue. Bluegrass is a deeper shade of green with a finer blade while Tall Fescue, with a slightly wider blade, is more tolerant of traffic and drought.

We also have bagged mulch for pick-up.

Anne Arundel County Farmers' Markets

Anne Arundel: 410/798-5083 (Martin Zehner)
Crofton Market: 410/721-2301 (Barbara Swann)
Other Markets: 410/841-5770 (Tony Evans)x

If you like your food farm-fresh, plan your shopping to include a weekly stop at one of Anne Arundel County's four farmers markets. The season opens Sat. April 17 at two of the markets, the Anne Arundel County Farmers' Market at Riva Road and Truman Parkway and the Jones Station Market on Route 2 in Severna Park. Spring hours at both are 7am till noon.

April through October at these producer-only markets, farmers, bakers and specialty makers sell only what they grow or make, bringing the freshest local produce direct to you. When the grower or a family member is the seller, the history of what you're buying is only a question away. So you can learn all about chemicals used -- or not used -- in the growing as well as how to best use what you're buying. Many days in high season, you'll have a choice of dozens of varieties of tomatoes, peppers or eggplants. All in the kind of atmosphere where people meet and talk.

Early in the season, you'll find primarily plants, baked goods and specialty items like jams and jellies. All the plants are locally raised. Offered free is lots of practical advice.

The bulk of produce arrives in mid-June, when the growing season is in full swing. Remember that in Maryland, sweet corn and tomatoes ripen at the end of June or first week of July.

Anne Arundel County's newest market, at Crofton, will be open Saturday mornings starting in May. Come June, the Piney Orchard market in Odenton will be open Wednesday afternoons.

Color Masters Painting

Owner: Christopher Trott

When you want your home painting job done right -- but price is important, too -- you want a master. Second-generation professional painter Christopher Trott has painted some of the finest historic homes in Southern Anne Arundel County, including Tulip Hill, Norman's Retreat and the Captain Salem Avery House. For work indoor or out, he consistently delivers quality craftsmanship and lasting results at reasonable prices.

Green Landing Nursery

5810 Green Landing Rd., Upper Marlboro
Hours: 8-4 Daily
Owner: George Sliker

Our customers tell us that the best tonic for their gardens is our garden.

We've found what we consider the best spot on earth -- convenient to all Chesapeake Country but hidden away from the bustle -- and filled it with our best garden dreams. Since we've been at it every day since 1964, our dreams have had time to mature. A visit to Green Landing will stimulate your imagination and fill your garden with locally grown, hardy plants.

Whether you're seeking larger, mature plants or tiny clever ideas, you'll find them here, many displayed in garden settings so you can see just what works where. Also on display are fountains, arbors and statues.

You'll always get personal attention at our family-owned and operated nursery. When you need a bit more, our in-house designer can visit to help you design your yard and garden. As well as residential, we also offer commercial landscaping.

Herring Bay Paints

647 Deale Rd., Deale
Hours: 7:30am to 5pm weekdays, 2pm Sat.
Owner: Deborah Whittington

Herring Bay Paints is a full-service paint store carrying Benjamin Moore paints, brushes and rollers, plus plenty of wallpaper and how-to books to help you. We also gladly supply knowledgeable answers to many questions.

You'll find all the tools and gadgets to make any painting task successful. Anyone can paint their home or boat, but doing it right the first time may take some advice as well as the best products.

We believe in quality products at a good value, including economical products for the person with a tight budget. Being a service-oriented business, we've built our inventory around what our customers and community need.

For the boater, we carry Interlux and other brands of marine coatings. In the past year, we've expanded our marine line and are happy to compete nose-to-nose with larger wholesale stores' pricing and selection.

For the winter months, you can find Heat-n-Glow gas stoves in our showroom.

We'd like to thank all who have helped us succeed in this competitive market over the last five years!

Homestead Gardens

743 West Central Ave., Davidsonville
410/798-5000 · 800/300-5631
Hours: Daily 9am-8pm; Sa 8am-8pm; Su 9am-6pm
President: Don Riddle

Possibilities are endless both in life and at Homestead Gardens. From all over the region, people come to Homestead Gardens to explore the endless possibilities for turning their yards into gorgeous garden getaways.

Our selection of plants simply can't be matched. Indoors and out, plants -- from tiny Johnny jump-ups to giant trees -- stretch far as the eye can see. Naturally, you'll find every tool, mulch and amendment you could need or imagine to get those plants well started and to keep them lush and beautiful indoors and out.

Just as rich and varied is our store of garden life accessories to bring the charm of outdoor life in and the comfort of indoor life out. Our lines change with the season, so you'll find your heart's desire at Homestead Gardens spring, summer, fall and winter. As the weather warms, we recommend lighting to enhance the natural beauty of your landscaping and to add safety to your walkways and entries.

At Homestead Gardens, we understand that the richer your choices, the more you need to know. So we're fully staffed with gardening advisors trained to answer your questions.

We're also fully prepared to do more than answer your questions. At Homestead Gardens, our team of award-winning landscape designers, installation crews and maintenance professionals are ready to work their magic for you just as they do for Orioles Park at Camden Yards. With us to do the work, you can relax and watch your garden grow.

We offer full-service maintenance programs to take the worry and guesswork out of landscape care. Arrange now for a customized year-round program of care for your lawn and garden.

Medart Galleries

10366 So. Maryland Blvd., Dunkirk
301/855-4515 or 410/257-6616
[email protected]
Open M-F 10-7; Sa 10-4:30; Sun by appt.
Owner: Radosevic Family

Medart Galleries brings art into your home at affordable prices, whether it's the fine selection of original oil paintings and limited-edition prints or quality custom framing. Medart also offers ready-made frames, open-edition prints and local art from watercolors to stained glass to wood-turned pens. We are authorized dealers for such well-known artists as John Barber, Dale Gallon, G. Harvey, Thomas Kinkade, Sandra Kuck, Lena Lui, Paul McGehee, Terry Redlin, Don Stivers, Robert Taylor and Mary Lou Troutman, Charles Wysocki, Steve Hanks and more.

Family owned and operated for 30 years by the Radosevic family, Medart Galleries takes special care to give you friendly, professional service. A member of the family (mother, father, daughter or son) is always on hand to answer your questions or to help you choose colors or frames.

Our patrons tell us that sometimes their spring cleaning grows beyond dusting and cleaning to rearranging and redecorating homes. With new paint on the walls, they're inspired to finally frame the print that's been stored away. Or they want a new oil painting or print to balance their living room wall.

Think of us when you're rediscovering things you've tucked away or when you need a little something to make a room come together. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make your home homier.

You can also get instant passport photos here. For musicians, Medart rents musical instrument and accessories.

Adams Building Services

Toll free: 877/827-3390; In Annapolis: 410/827-3390

I like to build. I'm experienced and ready to take on your biggest projects, from a new custom home to a custom addition to your present home.

From design to permits (Anne Arundel and Queen Anne's counties) to foundations all the way up, I'm your reliable single source for home building and remodeling. Once your job is started, I'm always personally there, paying attention to the big picture and fine detail. I stay with you until the job is finished to your satisfaction.

I'm glad to talk about your job right now, for booking as early as mid-summer.

Maryland Shade & Shutter

Owner: Monty Cornwell

Turn to Maryland Shade and Shutter to cover your windows. Our family-owned business comes directly to your home with custom roller shades, all sorts of blinds -- mini, vertical and wood -- and interior plantation shutters so you can see just what works best for you. We're friendly, low-key and knowledgeable, bringing you quality products that look good and last longer.

Rivendell Landscaping

Owner: Tom Flaharty

If you're looking to give your yard or garden a new look, Rivendell Landscaping can translate your dreams into blooming reality.

For a garden that's older and maybe just overgrown, Rivendell will come in and renovate, giving new life to your old plants. If your shrubs have overgrown the space, they'll come in and prune and shape them. If you have a perennial bed that needs attention, they'll rework it. Or, if you hate it, they'll start from scratch.

"We try to use plants that people would be used to seeing in their grandmother's garden. We also like to use native plants in traditional settings," says Rivendell owner Tom Flaharty. Indigenous plants like boxwood, winterberry holly and sweet bay magnolias are in keeping with the Southern tradition in the Bay area and the colonial tradition in Annapolis. They are also all pretty plants, he notes.

Rivendell specializes in shoreline planting, wetland restoration and erosion control. They also build retaining walls, patios and stone features.

"Each customer's tastes are different. Some are avid gardeners; others want lower maintenance. We listen to what you want and work to achieve your goals: That's budget, expectations, time line -- even the color flowers you like," Flaharty says.

Room Smart Re-Designs

Owner: Jackie Gallagher

We specialize in one-day room re-designs using your existing furnishings, art and accessories. Our other services include in-home consultations; interior makeovers/re-designs; move-in design services when you are moving to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller home; marrying two households; and inheritance solutions.

For homes being prepared for sale, we work with homeowners and agents to make the right appearance and get the best price.

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence Company

842 Route 3 North, Gambrills
410/544-1987 * 800/833-9310
Owner: Bruce Beauchamp

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence Company is a family-owned business serving Anne Arundel and surrounding counties since 1986. Practically all of our sales come from referrals from our more than 9,000 satisfied customers.

We attribute our success to you. In turn, we provide quality products and responsive, professional service in every step of our dealings.

Design and detail specialists, we have many features that make our decks and fences your best buy. We offer more than 137 styles of fencing and 12 of handrails. As the only local manufacturer of vinyl fencing and hand rails in the area, we save you middleman and shipping charges whether you have us install or buy from us to do it yourself. We also stock wood, aluminum and galvanized fencing.

Call Mid-Atlantic before you buy! We'll send an experienced field representative to assess your needs and to show you our portfolio.

Ron Snyder Antiques

2011 West St., Annapolis
Showroom: 410/266-5452
Workshop: 410/268-2405
Hours: Tu.-Sat. 10-5; Sun. 12-5
Owners: Ron and Marilyn Snyder

Ron Snyder Antiques is well-known, after nearly three decades in business, for the quality of merchandise offered. We specialize in fine American antique furniture dating from 1760-1830.

Each item offered for sale is selected for its quality and its degree of originality. Then, necessary repairs or restorations are made to ensure that the piece is sturdy and usable.

A browse through our showrooms shows the quality of Snyder's restoration work, which is available for your current furniture as well.

When a piece in Snyder's showroom captures your imagination, you're welcome to take it home on approval to see how it fits in your room and in your lifestyle. If it's too big, too small, too brown, back it goes. No sale is final -- until you're satisfied.

Quality is your best value now and in the future, the Snyders advise. Choose carefully and buy the best you can afford.

Real Chill Heating & Air Conditioning

410/867-3626 * 888/989-1253
Owner: Robert Rentz

There's no better time than season's change to take control of the temperature in your home or business. Let Real Chill help you get it right the first time by choosing the appropriate heat pump or air conditioning system and furnace.

A great first step is to call in Real Chill's heating and air conditioning experts to evaluate your needs and to recommend the right solutions. We carry all the leading brands, so we can match the perfect product to your home or business needs.

Even if your system is just what you want, spring's the right time for a semiannual maintenance visit to check and change filters and fluids. You sure don't want your cooling to fail you on a 95-degree July day.

But when trouble unexpectedly calls, you can call us for instant service 24 hours a day regardless of weather

With 15 years experience, new business owner Robert Rentz is determined to make sure no one else gives you better service -- or better rates.

Stanley Day Construction/ M&S Cabinet & Millwork

Owner: Stanley Day

Stanley Day is a name that's been well known in Southern Anne Arundel County and beyond as a fine craftsman and custom home builder and remodeler.

He's a 25-year veteran of the trade, and well appreciated for his eye for design, his painstaking workmanship and his start-to-finish know-how.

What you may not know is that Stanley has expanded his services, adding a fabrication shop for custom cabinetry, woodwork and millwork. He'll work with you to design and customize your project, whether it's your entire kitchen or something smaller like a bookcase, cabinet, countertop, entertainment center or any sort of finish, trim or molding.

Stanley can also make and match new, existing or discontinued counters, cabinets or trim work.

So if there's a home project on your mind and in your heart, Stanley Day's your craftsman.

Tilden Lawn Nursery

1008 Central Ave., Davidsonville
Hours: 8am-6pm daily; weekends 9am-5pm

Owners: Debbie and Mark VanLunen

Tilden Lawn Nursery is home of the mulch king. Now, to the quality mulches, soil amendments and plants you know us for, we add a special new line: staking stone and hand-carved granite.

Please stop by and visit us here at Tilden Lawn Nursery. You'll find us on Central Avenue just west of the Route 424 intersection. We're nestled back from the road for relaxed country shopping. Look for our green and gold sign.

We especially want to thank our customers who have supported us over the years. We promise to make the best we can do even better.

Foster's West River Gardens

700 Shady Oaks Rd., West River
Open daily. Call for hours.

Owner: Cheri Foster

Something old; something new; something grown just for you -- without the high prices! Stop by and visit our garden shop for handcrafts as well as outdoor plants and house plants in whimsical pottings. Our BARGAIN GARDENS make great gifts!

If we don't have the herb, perennial, annual, hanging basket, water plant or garden decor that you want, we'll recommend where you can buy it!

Sauna Circus & O'Neil Pools

410/267-0200 800/850-pool
Hours: Daily 9am-6pm; Sa 10am-4pm
Owners: Larry Hyland and Darleen Allwein

One of the best things we do is design and build custom pools, complete with spas, decking and gazebos. So, if you let us, we can give you 100 great reasons to own a swimming pool. You love to relax. It's an endless vacation. You beat the heat -- and improve your health. Perfect for entertaining or for a secret rendezvous. Prices may never be lower

We love pools and everything else about the water. We'll match you up with the spa, portable Jacuzzi or sauna of your dreams. We'll surround it with stone and build you a waterfall.

We support all pools and spas with our service department and full line of parts, including a complete inventory of pool and spa supplies and chemicals.

On the lighter side, look to us for your pool toys and accessories, including therapeutic and recreation videos and equipment.

Think of us to open your pool, tend it all year long and close it at season's end.

Sneade's Ace Home Center

In Owings: Route 260 & Boyd's Turn Rd. 301/855-8120
Hours: 7am-7pm Daily; Sa. 8am-5pm; Su. 9am-3pm

In Solomons on Route 2-4: 410/326-3222
Hours: M-Fri 8am-7pm; Sa. 8am-5pm; Su. 9am-3pm

Sneade's Ace Home Center offers a complete line of hardware, plumbing, electrical, lawn, garden and seasonal products. We also carry lumber and building materials for most any project or need.

Our customer service -- as well as our customer satisfaction -- sets us apart. We want to be your hardware/home center store. We want to keep you happy and confident that you can find whatever you need at Sneade's.

Now is the perfect time to spruce up your yard and plant new seed as well as fertilize lawns and gardens. It's also time to clean and treat wood decking.

We thank all of our loyal customers and welcome new residents. If you can't find a product, please ask. We will do our very best to get it for you. We are committed to providing service, value, quality and, above all, customer satisfaction. Stop by and let us prove it to you!

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