Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 15
April 15-21, 1999

Safeway for Deale?

Don't Let Progress Ruin Country Living

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I am writing because of my concern about the proposed shopping complex at the intersection of Routes 256 and 258 in Deale.

We moved to this area in 1995 and count our blessings every day to have found a home with a view of the Bay and its wildlife in a tranquil, friendly community.

The thought of a large shopping center in our midst makes me shudder. It's hard to imagine how we could manage an increase in the traffic. Even the bright 'city' lights would hamper our cherished view of the night skies. It would be inexcusable if the Chesapeake Bay and our wildlife were endangered. And what are we going to do when our wells run dry?

Hopefully, those in authority to plan our future will take into serious consideration our quality of life as well as the impact of inadequate storm water disposal, increased traffic and our water supply before giving approval to such a project.

We do not miss the city conveniences, and we care too much to stand by and let this type of 'progress' ruin our country living.

-Georgeanne Mirak, Churchton

No Backwater, Deale

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I am responding to the letter from Richard Phillips regarding the Safeway store proposed for Deale. (NBT-March 25-31).

First things first, Mr. Phillips. Deale is not a "backwater community." It is a vibrant, friendly, beautiful place to live. It does not need more traffic, additional traffic lights, chain stores, and it certainly does not need more of a strain on its precious water supply. After spending a large part of my youth here, I happily moved back for a life not dependent on large grocery stores or fast food restaurants.

Second, I resent the fact that you seem to feel that the only reason there is no organized effort to support Safeway is that supporters "do not have time to undertake such an effort." I have news for you, Mr. Phillips, people who feel strongly about something make time to support it. That is why there is such a strong grass-roots effort to oppose the Safeway.

If you really believe that Safeway will bring "lower prices," then I must assume that you have not comparison shopped in a very long time. As far as your concern for "saving gas," I have not talked to anyone who can't find what they need at our local stores or who minds driving about 20 minutes in any direction to shop at a bigger store.

You want someone to "promote the Deale business community." I have been very impressed with the efforts of Food Rite to modernize their store. Could you explain to them and to me how building a megasize store across the street from them would promote their business?

Finally Mr. Phillips, I am not a member of any "quasi-organized" group nor do I feel "misled" or "misguided" by any such group. It's just that I find Deale a wonderful place to live just the way it is.

-Ernie Goins, Deale


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