Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 18
May 6-12, 1999

Small Area Planners: Minds Closed?

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I was very surprised with the quote from Mr. Ron Wolfe, the chairman of the newly appointed Deale/Shady Side Small Area Planning Committee, included in your article on the Safeway Poll [Dock of the Bay April 15-21]. I thought the committee's investigations would try to address growth from every aspect and be as objective as possible.

After reading Mr. Wolfe's position on supermarkets in Southern Anne Arundel County, I can't help but wonder if he is interested in objectivity. With this committee barely a month old and the chairman's position already set, is it possible that views that vary from his can receive a fair hearing and consideration?

In recent months, I have heard and read opinions based on emotion, demagoguery and economic posturing regarding supermarkets but very few facts. On one side: Are there benefits (economic or otherwise) from a local store? Can they be quantified? On the other side: How will a supermarket in South County destroy our Bay? How will it destroy our environment? Will a supermarket in South County have any greater effect on either the Bay, or the environment, than one in any other part of the Chesapeake's watershed? If not, then maybe the NIMBY premise does hit a little too close to home for some!

These Small Area Planning Committees have a big job. One of their toughest tasks will be earning the confidence of the community that they truly do represent the greater interests. To me Mr. Wolfe has demonstrated that his opinion is already set. He certainly shouldn't sit as chairman when discussing this issue; furthermore, unless he can honestly assure the community of some degree of objectivity regarding growth and progress, he should consider resigning.

-Joe Rooney, Tracey's Landing

Where to Apply for Passports to History

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I read and enjoy New Bay Times. The Bay Bites are especially interesting. I like to hear about new (to me) places to see in our area. I look forward to seeing remnants of the Steward Shipyard.

You mentioned the 350 Passport to History. Where is this available? We used the Prince George's passport and saw some unknown (to us) sites that where very interesting.

Thanks for your help.

-Wayne Kryszak, Bowie

Editor's note: Following in the footsteps of Prince George's County, Anne Arundel is celebrating its 350th anniversary by issuing Passports to History. Identified are 19 destinations, ranging from the Historical Electronics Museum in Linthicum to the Fort George G. Meade Museum of Military History in Odenton to the Banneker-Douglass Museum of African American history in Annapolis to the Steward Shipyard Museum in Galesville.

Get your passport from public libraries, visitor centers or participating historic sites. Among the closest to you, Mr. Kryszak, is the Crofton Library up the road on Rt. 3.

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