Spring Fling: Join NBT in Showing Support for Our Chesapeake Bay and Working to Plant Some Trees

You remember the good times: partying in the afternoon. Picnicking on the shore. Grabbing the beat of the band on stage and letting your body sway in the breeze.

Let the good times roll again -- on Sunday, May 16, noon to 5 at Surfside 7 on the South River -- when we celebrate 6th anniversary.

My, oh my, what we have cookin': Free BBQ, hot bands, auctions and the distinct possibility of too much fun.

If you're into that '90s thing about guilt, don't bother.

All this fun will accompany raising money for one of the worthiest of environmental causes -- trees. Proceeds from a silent auction followed by the real thing - conducted by WhittMar Auctioneering, better known as The Ladies with the Gavel -- will help the non-profit American Forests reach its goal of planting one million trees along the shores of Chesapeake Bay.

While nibbling outdoors on more Bay food than you could conjure in a dream, you can bid on some very cool things: restaurant dining; cooking classes; artworks; flowers; lawn and garden supplies; fishing trips; ballet tickets; massages; beauty services; an airplane tour of the Bay and on and on and on. (For a more complete list, see our ad on the back cover.)

But you know what? There's something better than free food, neat stuff and fun on the Chesapeake Bay. We could be holding this bash on an I-95 median strip in a February hail storm and it would still be special. Why? Because it's an opportunity for the New Bay Times family to get together. And that family, dear reader, includes you.

Our mission from Day One has been forging a community of interests in Chesapeake country: outdoor-lovers, entertainment seekers, business people and just plain folks wanting to promote our high-quality life by preserving Bay environs.

Together, we have scolded polluters, thrown roadblocks in the paths of unwise developments and forced public officials to do their best to protect our land and water.

Now, on Sunday, six years after it all began, it's time to celebrate together. And work together to plant some trees. (The actual planting will come this fall, when conditions are more nurturing for young saplings, and we hope you'll join us then, too.)

See you there.

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Volume VII Number 19
May 13-19, 1999
New Bay Times

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