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Did you know that trees growing along our shores have a history of preventing disease, supplying food and supporting Native American culture?

* Native Americans used more than 20 Bay-area trees ­ from sycamore to white oak to cottonwood ­ for everything from cleaning cuts to curing "weakness."

* The black walnut, which the Indians of Delaware Valley called the "round nut tree," was roasted over a fire, tied into bundles and boiled to create a strong tea for intestinal problems.

* In late winter and early spring, eastern woodlands Indians spent between three and six weeks tapping 12 maple species for syrup. They used the syrup for cooking vegetables and fruit, and as a spice. Check your local nature center for nearby maple festivals.

* Native Americans tapped black, cherry, yellow and white birch for sugars to make drinks, vinegars and syrups.

* The Delaware smoked cedar and prayed to the Creator to stave off bad dreams. Children with nightmares were sprinkled with water that had been soaked in cedar boughs.

Search for the Missing Leaf

Can you identify these leaf outlines by matching them with the list of trees? answers at bottom

Bonus Challenge: One leaf is not from the Chesapeake Bay region. Can you guess which one?


You can visit the largest white oak in the nation!

The Wye Oak in Wye Mills on the Eastern Shore has reigned as national champion since 1940, when American Forests began keeping the National Register of Big Trees.

dolphinsDrawing Contest! Send us your dolphin drawings!

You can be eligible to win free tickets, compliments of the National Aquarium in Baltimore, to see its new dolphin show called Coastal Connections: Dolphins at Our Shores! Read our weekly fact about your coastal neighbors, the dolphins, and draw a dolphin at work or play. Fill out the form below, attach
it to your drawing and mail it to NBT Dolphins, P.O. Box 358, Deale MD 20751. We will choose the winner on May 27.

Did You Know that dolphins' cone-shaped teeth catch and hold prey like squid, shrimp, octopus and skates?




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Answers: 1) Sycamore 2) Pin Oak 3) Texas Palmetto 4) Eastern White Pine 5) White Oak 6) Tuliptree BONUS ANSWER: The Texas Palmetto is found down in ­ you guessed it ­ Texas!

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