Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 19
May 13-19, 1999

Thanks, One Paper To Another

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Gratitude seems too mild a word to express my feelings and those of my journalism students over the past five years. The staff of New Bay Times~Weekly has provided untiring and generous support to our school newspaper. Thank you.

From your mentorship of our struggling newspaper club in 1994 to the present, each issue of The Watertower has benefited from your attention. As school newspaper advisor, I will never forget those after-school hours, the Sunday afternoons, or that snowy Thanksgiving week-end you spent working at the New Bay Times offices with our students.

You generously provided your equipment and advice. You helped us rewrite copy, lay out pages, scan pictures and ads. Eventually, with your assistance, we were able to purchase computers of our own, and you were at school, setting up our computers, printer and scanner, and then training us on the software. Each year, over and over, you patiently helped teach a new batch of aspiring journalists. And our little club grew into a productive school newspaper staff, thanks in large part to your unflagging support.

While you've taught Southern's students the technical skills a journalist needs, you have provided an even more important lesson. You've taken time (that most precious commodity of busy people) to listen and talk with the students, discussing the philosophical and ethical questions a journalist must address. Through your example, students recognize that dedication and integrity are vital to a journalist. Southern's young men and women came to the newspaper club, and later to the journalism course, with little sense of the important role print journalism has both in our community and in the larger world. You have shown them, through your work, what a difference one voice can make, must make in a democracy.

New Bay Times~Weekly is dedicated to making our society and the world better for the future. You speak for issues and step forward to support your convictions. Your quiet commitment to the students of Southern High School is a shining example of this dedication.

Thank you. It has been a privilege knowing you and working with you at Southern High School.

-Janice F. Booth
Teacher & Newspaper Advisor

Birthday Greetings from Day 1 Reader

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Happy Birthday to you and all of the staff of New Bay Times!

I applaud you on the tremendous success you have achieved in following your dreams to make this special newspaper a reality. I recall the first issue and meeting you and your staff six years ago. Not a Thursday goes by without me reading the latest issue, which inevitably is filled with unusual, in-depth stories and features.

Through these six years, I have gotten to know many of the staff and they are talented, warm, delightful people.

Congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

-Mavis Daly, Shady Side; Co-president Shady Side Rural Heritage Association

Use Paper to Toast Trees

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I read your editorial on trees and the party for them [May 6-12]. I agree that trees are an important part of the system. I suggest using a paper cup rather than a plastic cup to raise a toast to trees. Paper is usually made from wood pulp. Trees are planted just for this purpose, then cut and made into paper. The land is then replanted in trees and the cycle starts all over. With a reduced demand for paper, this cycle can be stopped. Then the land will not be planted but sold for development. As we all know, development spells the end to large tract of trees.

-Bert Shaffner, Owings

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