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Casey's illustrationThe Story CornerCasey Urey is our guest writer this week. He is a kindergarten student at The Tidewater School.

The Furious Policemen
by Casey Urey

One day some policemen were walking on the street. Soon, they heard someone say, "Stop thief!" It was a shark. He was the thief. He stole some diamonds and a necklace.

The policemen hurried in their police car. They hoped they were not too late. The shark hid in the trash can. The police went right past the trash can. Soon the policeman said, "I saw something move in that trash can." They turned around. They caught the shark.

They took him to the courthouse to see the judge and jury. (The jury members were a rockfish and a catfish.) The shark asked the judge, "Please don't take me to jail." The judge banged his hammer (like he was working on a house). The shark went to jail.

illustration by Casey Urey

Name the Game!
Sometimes it's too cold or too wet or too dark to go outside and play, at least according to Mom and Dad. That's the perfect time for some good inside games. Can you guess what this one in the picture is?

You guessed it. Marbles. To play you'll need: 1) a bag of small marbles (the more you have, the longer the game); 2) one big marble; and 3) a long piece of string.

The goal: Using the big marble as a shooter, knock the small marbles outside the circle.

Getting started: Shape the string into a circle about a foot in diameter on the floor. (You can make it wider later if it's too easy.) Place the small marbles inside the circle. Kneeling outside the circle, take the big marble, cup it between your thumb and first finger. Then flick it into the marbles with your thumb. When you've bumped all the marbles outside of the circle, you win. (You can play teams, too. Each team chooses a color marble to bump out. Then take turns. Every time you knock one out, you'll get an extra turn.)

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