Not Just for Kids

to all the fine artists who participated in our Dolphin Drawing Contest!

You used pencils, you used pens. Some of you spiced up your dolphin with glitter - and some of you even used cereal! However you chose to portray your dolphin - and whatever your age - you deserve great praise from all of us here at New Bay Times, and from the National Aquarium. Unfortunately, only one of you could win in this random drawing, but we couldn't resist showing off some of the talent --

The Winner! Shannon Ressler, age 10


Taylor Ann Danford, age 3


Courtney Schallhorn, age 6
Courtney's dolphin


Kristin Boerckel, age 7


Andrew Fowler, age 8
Andrew's dolphin


Victor Juliano III, age 12


Brittany Garlington, age 12
Brittany's dolphin


Rachel Donoho, age 10


Connor Smith, age 4


Abby Abel, age 6
Abby's dolphin


Neal Bradley Nicolas, age 6


Gregory Etienne, age 6


Keith Beckner, age 15


Kelly Ann Tiffany, age 17

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Volume VII Number 22
June 3-9, 1999
New Bay Times

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