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Making Music: Who's Your Musical Partner -

String or horn, percussion or woodwind?

by Mary Catherine Ball

We caught up with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra music van in front of Lothian Elementary School, one of 15 schools on their summer tour of Anne Arundel County schools.

Do you know what we found inside? Four members of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra and their musical instruments: cellist Denise Nathanson, oboist Fatma Daglar, violinist Theophanis Dymiotis and French horn player Jim Gollmer.

Denise Nathanson shares her cello with third graders at Lothian Elementary.

South River High School student and viola player Christie Manning also joined the traveling orchestra at Lothian Elementary School.

Over 1,000 children in Anne Arundel County made music on violins, cellos, oboes and horns when the van visited their schools.

Girls paraded around the music room with chins resting on violin bodies. Boys tested the strength of instruments, giving the violin strings a mighty rub with the bow. Each child vibrated with eagerness to strike up the band.

"It's a wonderful experience. I've seen my students more excited today than I've ever seen them. We're hoping that they'll think over the summer about signing up to play instruments in the fall," said Kathy Sullivan, music teacher at Lothian Elementary.

If you go to school in Anne Arundel County, you can join your school band in third grade by choosing a string instrument: a violin, viola or cello. In fourth grade, you can play any instrument you want - from the high, melodic violin to the airy flute to the powerful trombone or soothing clarinet.

As the summer days pass, think about what awaits you next year: science clubs, chorus practices, sports teams and homework. Then think about picking up an instrument and making music.

Word Search

The instruments aboard the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra Music van listed below are hidden in the puzzle. Can you find them? (They may be spelled forward, backward and diagonally.)

	C	E	S	E	c	p	t	r	u	m	p	e	t
	e	t	f	r	e	n	c	h	h	o	r	n	l
	n	u	p	r	l	i	c	d	j	k	f	g	h
	o	l	b	a	l	o	i	v	i	o	l	i	n
	b	f	b	w	o	o	d	w	i	n	d	s	m
	M	a	t	o	u	b	r	a	s	s	a	t	n
	o	o	d	e	v	o	o	h	y	z	k	r	b
	r	w	f	x	c	g	l	e	l	j	m	I	r
	t	p	n	p	i	c	c	o	l	o	a	n	d
	b	s	b	a	c	i	r	d	r	e	z	g	s
	d	e	i	x	f	p	r	s	a	j	b	s	c	

Sink Your Teeth into Dental Delights at the National Museum of Dentistry's Family Fun Fest!

(See details below!)

Kids' Calendar

Zany Reading June 11-13 (10-9)-Sign up now for Zany Brainy's Summer Reading Club to run June 14-Aug. 5. Kids ages 4-12 read award-winning books about the world & universe & do games and crafts in weekly sessions. Find out more at a special orientation on June 11 (7pm). Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447

Get on the Gridiron Sat. June 12 (10-2)-Register for football or cheer on the Beach Buccaneers Parks & Rec. team. Kids ages 6-15 play ball and 6-16 can join the poms squad. Birth certificate and parent's driver's license req'd. Chesapeake Beach Town Hall. $45 w/discount: 301/855-6603

Mom's Helpers Trained Sat. June 12 (10-2)-Kids ages 9-12 learn to be mother's helpers in this class on responsibilities, child development & safety. YWCA, Arnold. $25 w/member discount; rsvp: 410/626-7800.

Sink Your Teeth into Dental Delights Sat. June 12 (10-4)-Celebrate oral hygiene at National Museum of Dentistry's 3rd annual Family Fun Fest. Expect tooth tales by the Tooth Fairy, a petting zoo of toothy critters from Baltimore Zoo, music & dance by the Kinderman & crafts - plus 2 short plays. National Museum of Dentistry, 31 South Greene St., Baltimore. $2; kids under 6 free: 410/706-0052.

Kids' Day at the Museum Sat. June 12 (11-4)-Kids of all ages celebrate Children's Day at the St. Clement's Island-Potomac River Museum. Find arts & crafts, face painting, firefighters, a 4-H petting zoo, moonbounce, songs, pony rides, toy sailboat races, karate demos, games, food & more. Rt. 242, Colton's Point: 301/769-2222.

Discover Busy Beavers Mon. June 14 (2-3:30pm)-Kids ages 8+ view a beaver lodge & learn how beavers make marshes & adapt to their environment. Patuxent Research Refuge-North Tract, Rt. 198 btwn. BW Pkwy. & Rt. 32. Free; rsvp: 410/674-3304.

Read for Prizes and Pleasure June 14-Aug. 28-Independent readers thru grade 12 pick up booklets to record all the books you read thruout summer for Calvert County Public Library's Summer Reading Program. Each book read earns you an entry in a drawing for prizes: 410/535-0291.

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