Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 24
June 17-23, 1999

Expanding the Holistic Universe

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I read, with great interest your feature article ["My Journey Through the Holistic Universe," June 10-16] on holistic medicine. My family and I are great proponents of this form of care. We have reaped the benefits of chiropractic, herbs, aromatherapy, massage and prayer.

One facility we have found to be especially beneficial to us is Odenton Chiropractic Clinic. It is a state-of-the-art facility where one can find care from an herbalist, massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist, all at one site. I'm mildly surprised it wasn't mentioned, as Dr. Kate Hodges, the proprietor, has been in Anne Arundel County for over five years.

I realize of course you couldn't possibly have mentioned all the locations in the county where this form of healing could be found.

-Bill Kammerzell, Annapolis

Preserve Maritime History at City Dock

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Historic vessels, specialty vessels and workboats have, for 40-plus years, provided residents and visitors of Annapolis with the scenic charm that has defined our great city and made us what we are today - the sailing capital of the world.

Alderman Macmillan has put forward a bill that requires all boats to pay fair market value for dockage at City Dock. Workboats that now have a special fee get pushed aside by the ordinance directing fair market value fees for all - with no special exception for heritage or educational vessels.

This places at risk the continued presence of the historic boats in the harbor.

It is senseless stupidity to replace this attractive charm and valuable educational heritage with the overcrowding and environmental stresses brought on by transient pleasurecraft. There is sufficient space available at and across Ego Alley from Fawcett's outward as well as on the moorings. The moorings are easily accessible by the water taxi, provide privacy for the visitors they cannot get in the alley and remove their private parties from City Dock.

Special vessels should occupy the prime dockspace on both sides of Ego Alley from Fawcett's to Market Square. I think such vessels should stay in Ego Alley free for some reasonably limited time. Doing so will attract these vessels to Annapolis and provide scenery and history for our visitors. Who knows, we may even see the Dove back in town!

The merchants around City Dock benefit the most through revenues generated by visitors who come to City Dock to see the interesting vessels. The income lost to the city should be considered marketing and advertising costs and be budgeted.

If the charm of historic vessels is replaced by a parking lot for muscleboats, the publicity and resulting revenues specialty vessels provide will be lost. People don't visit our fair city to see these shiny white fiberglass crafts; they go to boat shows and brokerage marinas for this.

Ellen Moyer has been working to preserve the image of our maritime heritage. Please back Mrs. Moyer's efforts to maintain a critical mass of boats like the Stanley Norman, The Half-Shell, the schooners and Trumpys along with workboats in our dock space and preserve this important historic trust.

-Bill Schoenfeld,
Maritime Republic of Eastport

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