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Reading Stories in the Mud

Imagine this: you're walking through the woods. It snowed yesterday, but the snow mostly is melted. All that is left is goopy, squishy mud. Everytime you take a step, your foot sinks deep. When you bend down to study the footprints you've been leaving behind you, you realize you aren't the only one creeping around. But you are the only human

Look closely! You might be able to read a story in the mud. By studying the shape of pawprints, you can usually tell what animal left them (see chart above right). Was the animal eating? Was it hunting? Was it resting? Where did it come from? Where'd it go?

Now, gather clues from the drawing above and tell a story from it! (One hint: bunnies' back feet land in front of their front feet.)

Pet Flash: Like a Squirrel out of Water???

Twiggy the Squirrel is no fish out of water when she's wearing varmint-sized waterskis. For 20 years, Twiggy has ridden the waves behind her toy remote-controlled boat.

Twiggy fell into the hands of the Best family in 1978 when a strong wind blew her ­ just a baby then ­ out of her nest.

The Bests, known also for a roller-skating chimpanzee and surfing poodle, adopted Twiggy and taught her to waterski.

You can see Twiggy perform Feb. 4-7 at the Chesapeake Bay Boat Show in the Baltimore Convention Center.

Have you seen these animals or their tracks?


To learn more about animal tracks, sign up for Tracking 101 on Sat., Jan. 30 -- Families explore field, forest and marsh in search of tracks before warming up w/hot cocoa. Kids create animal track art. 1-4pm @ Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. $2.50 with discounts; rsvp: 410/741-9330.

Kids' Calendar

Natural Fun Fri. Jan. 29 (8-5)-Kids ages 6-10 bond w/nature during nature hikes, games, crafts & more during Kid's Day Out with Nature. Watkins Nature Center, Upper Marlboro. $22; rsvp: 301/249-6202.

Wild Tales Told Fri. Jan. 29 (10am)-Read along at storytime featuring Maurice Sendak's classic story Where the Wild Things Are & meet the character himself. Barnes & Noble, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/573-1115.

First Book Story Hour Fri. Jan. 29 (10am)-The very young flip thru books as Ms. Evalyn introduces kids to The Snowy Day by Jack Keats for First Book Story Hour. Barnes & Noble, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/573-1115.

Circle of Life Fri. Jan. 29 (1-2pm)-Kids ages 5-7 explore how parts of the natural world are joined together & search out a food web. Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract, on Rt. 198 btwn. BW Pkwy. & Rt. 32. Free; rsvp: 410/674-3304.

Weird Science Sat. Jan. 30 (3pm)-Planning a science project? Or do you experiment for fun? Either way kids in grades 3-5 find great ideas for wild & wacky projects as the guys from Wild Goose share tips & ideas, as well as a few coupons to help get you started. Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447.

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