Letters to the Editor

Volume VII Number 3
January 21-27, 1999

Naming the Circle, Parts 2 & 3

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

This letter is in response to your Editorial "Circle Wagons for Unity" (January 7-13). Having lived in Annapolis some 40 plus years, I am devoted to this city, changes and all. I am a retired state employee, having been a social worker for Anne Arundel County some 25 years, and I have seen many changes. This brings us to the newly constructed traffic circle at West Street and Taylor Avenue. I understand Alderman Cynthia Carter's reasons at the time for suggesting the name "Unity Circle." However, this gracious, historic city deserves a more imaginative and meaningful name that will last long after we are gone. If the citizens committee can't improve on that, then ask the citizens of Annapolis.

How about a contest open to the public? Publicize it so everyone who wishes to participate will have the opportunity to submit a name and the mayor and his committee can judge the entries. As you say, "something simple yet profound." Thanks for listening.

-Lennis J. Titus, Annapolis


Editor's Note: Mrs. Titus, we're not the only ones listening. The Taylor/West Design Advisory Committee - the ones who will recommend to the mayor and city council what to call the circle - is seeking proposals for the circle's name. Submit your idea in writing by February 8, 1999 to: Name that Circle, Department of Planning & Zoning, 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21403. Nominations (of no more than 200 words) should explain why the circle deserves your proposed name. You can also take your case before the Advisory Committee in a public meeting in the Annapolis City Council chamber Feb. 15 at 7:30pm. Questions? Call Dirk Geratz in City Planning & Zoning at 410/263-7961.

All's Right on the Western Shore

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

My husband and I have a boat which we keep on the West River. In season we're down there almost every weekend. However, we haven't been there in a while. When my husband was last there on Thanksgiving weekend, he noted that one of our favorite places, Pat's Country Bakery in Churchton, was closed, a real rarity. Since your office is right in the area, would you happen to know if that was an aberration? We certainly hope Pat hasn't closed up shop. It's one of the best bakeries of its kind anywhere. Thanks so much!

Arv and I are faithful readers of New Bay Times when we're on the boat. I'm really glad you're on-line, too. We really appreciate your interesting and sometimes whimsical approach to local life, and your strong advocacy for the Bay and its community.

-Nicole Larson, McLean, Va.


Editor's note: A drive by on the way to work brought a sack of donut holes to New Bay Times this morning. For at least the time being, all's right on the Western Shore.

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