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Tales of Tails & Stingers

Venomous creatures bear a bad reputation. For centuries, scorpions in particular have appeared in stories and myths as symbols of evil and death because of their dangerous sting (their looks don't help either). The following is a re-telling of an ancient Middle Eastern fable.


The Scorpion and the Fox

A long time ago, a great river wound through a vast desert. All the animals had to cross this river sooner or later to find food and shelter. One day, Fox decided it was time to cross and as he stood looking for the best way to do it, Scorpion came up and began to talk to Fox.

"Fox, as I was walking, I noticed an especially easy place to cross the river where the water is not so deep and not so swift. I would like to cross over myself, but because I am so small, I cannot. Would you carry me across if I show you where to cross?" asked Scorpion.

"How could I trust you not to sting me on the way across?" exclaimed Fox.

"Why would I sting you when it would drown both of us?" replied Scorpion.

Fox thought this over, looking Scorpion over from claw to stinger tip and eventually said, "Show me this place, and we will cross the river together."

"First, place me on your back and then I will show you. Otherwise, you might jump in and leave me behind," replied Scorpion.

Fox thought this over, finally allowing Scorpion to climb up his tail and onto his back. Safely on board, Scorpion showed Fox where the river was not so deep and not so swift. Fox stepped into the warm water flowing past


We know the real ending to this story, but we want to hear your made-up ending. Write down how you think this fable should end and mail it to:
NBT Scorpion
PO Box 358
Deale, MD 20751

or click here to e-mail to [email protected]


Venomous creatures live all over Earth - in land and water. Your mission is to find the following creatures, looking forward, backward, up, down and diagonally:


 	A	V	B	T	B	C	P	L	S	D	R	N	S
	G	I	L	A	M	O	N	S	T	E	R	W	C
	N	P	A	I	Q	N	O	C	T	O	P	U	S
	O	E	C	P	W	E	I	M	L	S	E	E	M
	I	R	K	A	N	S	S	M	S	O	N	E	V
	P	A	W	N	T	N	A	T	E	L	L	U	B
	R	R	I	E	L	A	I	C	X	N	A	F	O
	O	E	D	E	P	I	T	N	E	C	D	N	T
	C	S	O	B	E	L	H	E	I	G	H	T	G
	S	B	W	D	E	A	T	H	A	D	D	E	R											

Answer Me! Answer Me! Answer Me! Answer Me!

True or False: Scorpions have evolved greatly from their early ancestors.

False: Scorpions have remained essentially the same for 450 million years. In Mexico, more than 1,000 people die each year from scorpion stings, not because scorpion venom is incurable, but because victims live so far from hospitals and therefore do not receive treatment.

Kid-Writers! Kid-Artists!

You can win FREE tickets to Baltimore's National Aquarium, if you write a story using words and/or pictures about your favorite (or least favorite) venomous creature. Keep your story to 100 words or less. It can be either a real life story or make believe. Read the True or False statement each week and let yourself be surprised at what you do know - and what you don't know! Attach the form below to your story and mail to:


NBT Venom
P.O. Box 358
Deale MD 20751.


One lucky kid will win on October 25 in a random drawing. Have fun and remember, use your imagination!

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