Letters to the Editor

Volume VII Number 32
August 12-18, 1999

A Calvert Message to Anne Arundel

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

It was suggested that I write to Anne Arundel County officials concerning proposed commercial development near the Rt. 2 and Rt. 260 intersection in Anne Arundel County. I have no intention of recommending what Anne Arundel County officials should allow in their jurisdiction any more than I would expect that they would try to advise me about Calvert County zoning. But, after thinking about the situation, I have decided that they and you might be interested in knowing my views.

I am a strong supporter of expanding our commercial tax base, and I believe that new commercial development belongs in town centers. I am generally opposed to expanding our town center boundaries. I am reluctant to support exceptions to this because of the precedent.

The property within Calvert County that's proposed for development belongs to hardworking, taxpaying citizens who have planned on the property as an investment for their retirement. They have the right to develop it. The question is: what kind of development should be permitted? I've heard news reports that the owners have said that perhaps a nursing home might be beneficial to the community at that location. I feel that a nursing home could be an asset to the community, but I am concerned about the domino effect of commercial development that could occur.

I trust that Anne Arundel County officials, as well as Calvert County officials, will all carefully study any proposed zoning changes before we take any action that would be considered detrimental to the citizens in the area.

- John Douglas Parran,
Calvert County Commissioner

Christmas in July

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

On behalf of everyone at Children's Hospital, I am pleased to acknowledge your donation for the 12th Annual Skipper's Pier Christmas in July auction. Your generosity helped to raise a total of $6,461.50!

Last year, thousands of infants and children were treated at our hospital. The loyal support that we receive from our many friends like you lets us continue to provide not only the very finest medical care available for each child we see, but also supports our mission of C.A.R.E. - clinical care, advocacy, research and education.

It is a pleasure to have you as part of the Children's Hospital family. Thanks for your support and caring.

-Dallas C. Bolen, Children's Hospital Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Lacrosse Dreams

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

We really enjoyed reading the long story by Kristin Hagert about girls' lacrosse in this area. ("Lacrosse Dreams," Aug. 5-11). You could tell that Kristin really knows what she is writing about and that she is really good at a sport that is dear to so many girls and young women. Many people don't know how hard this sport can be and don't know that we play it without masks!

It was true to call it "A Tale of Black Eyes, Bloody Lips and Strong Hearts."

-Connie Barnes, Crofton

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