Letters to the Editor

Volume VII Number 33
August 19-25, 1999

When a Kiss Doesn't Miss

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I'm a poet and you know how we poets are, we kiss too many girls. My mother gave up on me a long time ago. But I'd trade all those kisses, all my advances against royalties, poetically speaking, to have that first kiss the boy with the deformed mouth is looking forward to, or was, having had it by now and then some, I'm sure.

Joan Bennett Clancy's account of the Hope Mission surgeons' repairing the cleft lips of those Asian patients [Reflection Aug. 12-17] was lovely. Thanks for running it.

-Peter Chapman, Galesville

In Heat, Hidden Symptoms

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Chances are that your readers have become very familiar with the effects of the current heat wave. An increase in thirst to keep dehydration at bay makes for more frequent trips to the bathroom while the heat, day after day, leaves one feeling physically zapped and exhausted. Weight loss is not uncommon during continual days of excessive heat and some of us are also prone to become more irritable while trying to cope with high temperatures and humidity.

While we all know the effects of surviving a heat wave, not everyone knows that these same symptoms can also mean something else, particularly in children. Last May, my five-year-old son was exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above. No big deal, I thought. Boy, was I wrong!

A freak accident found me in the local emergency room with my son. His injury was minor, but he clamored for something to drink while we waited for the nurse to bring the discharge papers. She asked a few questions and then asked if she could do a simple blood test on my son. A few minutes later our lives took a dramatic change and we have not been the same since. That night, my son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Please inform your readers that in children, things are not always what they seem. Let them know that some of the symptoms of excessive heat could also be the symptoms of something else, like juvenile diabetes.

-Jeni Tambash, Cincinnati, Ohio

Best "Burying Ground" Coverage

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Just a note to say thank you for your coverage of the June 2 marking of the Galesville Quaker Burying Ground by the Ann of Arrundell Chapter of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century.

The article you carried in your June 24-30 issue was excellent coverage and we would like to commend Kristin Hagert. As a former newspaper reporter and feature writer, I can especially appreciate her efforts.

-Lucy S. Blocker, Bowie

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