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Dog washing

A cool breeze blew in, but that doesn't mean hot weather is over.

It's a hot September afternoon. You don't know what to do. Swimming pools are closed and the Bay is full of jelly fish. Your dog is hot, too.

How can you solve this problem? A bath. No, not you. Your dog. He'll get clean and you'll both get cool. Beat the heat with your dog.

And have fun.


Pet Supplies: Plenty of towels (make sure your parents won't be mad if they get real grubby) * Doggie (or people) shampoo * Large Bucket or Hose


People Supplies: A towel (don't think you will stay dry) * Bathing suit (you may as well be comfortable to get wet)

cartoon of Max


Go ahead, go wash your dog.

Find out how easy washing a dog can be. Georgia Knoll and Mary Catherine Ball both had experiences with Max, the New Bay Times mascot. Max makes everything exciting!


Georgia Knoll Mary Catherine dries off Max

I had an interesting experience washing my brothers' dog, Max. Max is a 100-pound yellow Labrador retriever.

After I finished washing him, he shook all over and went to roll in pine needles and mud. Things such as this are to be expected, so be prepared to get wet and messy. If the dog gets messy after his bath, this doesn't mean you have to do the whole process over again. Just give him a slight rinse again and dry him off.


Mary Catherine Ball (at right)

Being an intern at New Bay Times, I have many duties. To my surprise, drying off Max is one of them.

During an afternoon walk, Max had frolicked in a dirty creek. He was a mess. I was the only one dressed in shorts so I got the duty of making this Labrador yellow again. After some sprays from the hose, I got down to the dirty work: drying Max carefully. I got on my knees and began massaging his fur with the towel. Of course, every two minutes Max decided to move away from me. And once he did that shake, shake, shake thing. But he did get dry and I didn't see any wet paw prints in the office.

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