Letters to the Editor

Volume VII Number 35
September 2-8, 1999

Vegetarianism Protects Health

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

In a recent NBT there was an ad for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which is promoting vegetarianism. I called the number in Washington, D.C., (202/686-2210) and got lots of wonderful, clear and helpful information.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reports on health issues we all are facing like heart disease, osteoporosis and hormone replacement. It's accurate information that is not easily available. I encourage everyone interested in health and wellness to investigate and support this great organization. As a shiatsu therapist I plan to have a pamphlet I received, "Protecting Your Bones," available to my clients.

-Leeann Irwin, Annapolis

Recovering under Neighborly Care after Rabid Raccoon Attack

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Your readers know my wife Carolyn Stearns from her NBT pieces on such subjects as bicycle riding and the Bay (her children's story "Where Did All The Water Go?").

In the early evening on August 12, Carolyn and our Great Pyrenees dog Jean-Luc were attacked by a raccoon while walking along the seawall by the Bay near our home in Mason's Beach. The raccoon bit Carolyn in the ankle as she tried to kick it off Luc's leg.

Carolyn's screams brought neighbors running, anxious to help, and an ambulance crew came quickly and gave her initial treatment. One neighbor shot and killed the raccoon. Another, Charlie Scarberry, kindly drove her to Calvert Memorial Hospital for follow-up treatment (the care was exemplary) and brought her home again (I was in Washington and out of touch).

Anne Arundel Animal Control quickly retrieved the dead raccoon for testing and the next afternoon reported that it was rabid. Carolyn immediately commenced the requisite 28-day treatment program, and Luc got a rabies booster shot and began 45 days of quarantine.

Both are now recovering, buoyed especially by the spontaneous and continuing outpouring of concern and offers of help from our Mason's Beach neighbors: calls, cards of sympathy, assistance in getting to doctors' appointments (Carolyn doesn't drive), a delicious casserole.

We live among caring people, and we are deeply grateful. Thank you, neighbors.

-Chris May, Deale

Brown Crew Turn NBT Pages

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

We appreciated Mark Burns' article "Turning Back Time" [Aug. 12-18] about the SS John W. Brown. I distributed two copies to my shipmates on the Brown and had requests for many more. Is it possible to get a supply to hand out to those who were crew members on the Solomons trip?

Again, thank you for your interest in our Living Museum Ship.

-Carlos K. Ralon, Prince Frederick Engine Department Crew Member, SS John W. Brown

Buggy about Lacrosse

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

The paper looks great and I'm glad to see Kristin Hagert's story on lacrosse ["Lacrosse Dreams," Aug. 5-11]. When I worked at NBT, I always bugged editor Sandra Martin about a story on the sport.

-Jim Gibbons, Annapolis

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