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The Fair is coming! The Fair is coming!

Spinning Ferris wheels and sweet-smelling funnel cakes, mooing cows and prize-winning giant pumpkins: what's your favorite part of the fair?

Anne Arundel County Fair: Sept. 15-19 at the fairgrounds on Generals Highway, Crownsville. See the ad on page 2 of this issue for details or call 410-923-3400.

Calvert County Fair: Sept. 29-Oct. 3 at the fairgrounds on Rt. 231, Barstow. Call 410-535-0026 for info.

Prince George's County Fair: Sept. 9-12 at Showplace Arena, Upper Marlboro. Call 301-952-7999 for information.


True or False: The gila monster has enough power in its jaws to crush an elephant to death.

False: A gila monster cannot crush an elephant in its jaws, but it can crush a full-grown hamster.

Kid-writers & Kid-artists!

you can win FREE tickets to see the National Aquarium'sVenom: Striking Beauties, ifyou write a story about or draw a picture of your favorite (or least favorite) venomous creature. If you choose to write a story, it can be either a real life story or make believe. Read the True or False statement each week and let yourself be surprised at what you do know - and what you don't know!

Attach the form below to your story and mail to:

NBT Venom
P.O. Box 358
Deale MD 20751.

One lucky kid will win on October 25 in a random drawing. Have fun and remember, use your imagination!

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Volume VII Number 36
September 9-15, 1999
New Bay Times

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