Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 37
September 16-22, 1999

Still Trying To Get in Hot Water

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Your editorial "A Surplus of Fun" [Sept. 9-15] was something I can really support. Your creativity and sense of idiosyncratic fun infuse your paper delightfully.

I want to thank you for your first wish for spending Maryland's "windfall": buying every house a hot tub and finding all the lonely people a partner with whom to get into hot water.

As well as being my newspaper of choice, you at NBT have long been advocates for us single folk on the Bay. Over the past years, I have been "summoned" on the phone to show up at your office at such and such a time, in order to bump into a visiting vendor or patron.

Alas, I have not found my own hot tubbie as yet, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for trying to do so.

-Kathy Campbell, Churchton

Surplus Spending? $16 Million Will Buy a Lot of Hay

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

In reply to your editorial seeking good ideas for Maryland's state surplus ["A Surplus of Fun," Sept. 9-15], I just want a little bit of it to buy some hay to feed some cows and horses.

Sixteen million dollars will buy 65,000 tons of hay and solve the state's upcoming problem for dairymen, horsemen and beef cattle growers. Throughout the region - Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio - we're facing the same problem. The drought has given us not only less hay than normal but zero percent of our hay crop.

I know where the hay is, and that's a thousand and more miles away, all over the West and western Canada. I'd be looking to buy in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. That's where I think we'd get the best deal because in eastern Canada, New York is buying. We'll truck our hay so it will only be loaded and unloaded once. We'll want our hay delivered from now until the first of February.

I'd reduce the price through large scale buying, the way Wal-Mart does, and I'd charge for the hay, according to ability to pay. So I expect to give back a good deal of my $16 million - all but transportation costs - at the end of the season.

-Tony Evans,
Maryland Department of Agriculture

In response to the drought, Evans is acting as Department of Agriculture's emergency services officer

In Fairhaven Weaves Mother of All Spiders

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

As always, I'm enjoying New Bay Times, especially this week your story about spider webs five feet across ["Caught in Their Web: September Surrenders to Spiders," Sept. 9-16].

You should know that this afternoon, we have a spider that has driven a web 20 feet across from one high tree to another. So five feet is definitely pint-sized in comparison to what our local spiders can do.

-Joe Browder, Fairhaven

Dept. of Corrections

Mary James is president of Second Stage Playhouse, of Severna Park. She was misallied with 2nd Star Productions, of Bowie, at one point in our lead story of Aug. 26-Sept. 1, "The Curtains Rise on Bay Country Theater."

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