Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 38
September 23-29, 1999

Calvert Library Loves a Good Read

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thank you for covering Calvert County Public Library's 40th anniversary celebration. The article by Jennifer Stillwell ["Tickled to Turn 40: Calvert Library Books a Birthday Bash" Aug. 19-25] was thoughtful and well received. Several people commented to me that they enjoyed her article. It was wonderful to have so many authors from Calvert County participate in our event, and to have special coverage in your paper was great.

I appreciate the coverage you provide for library programs and activities.

-Patricia Hoffman, Director, Calvert County Public Library

Regretting, with Burton, a Noisier World

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Nostalgia overcomes me when I read Bill Burton's "Ode to the Old Typewriter" [Sept. 9-15].

Even though I never worked in a newsroom, as a retired instructor I found the manual typewriter was an important tool in the office as well as at home because its "slow pace" gave me time to think before putting words on paper.

It took some persuasion from friends and family, who call me archaic and/or CI (computer illiterate) before I changed to a Brother Electronic Typewriter, and I can still recall the noisy typewriting classes of the early '50s.

I'm sure Mr. Burton would enjoy the sound and also that of the clatter of the Chinese abacuses in a classroom where students were taught additions, multiplications, divisions, etc.

I admit that with a computer, e-mailing is a great convenience, but give me back the old Remington typewriter (with its uneven letters, often dirty 'a' and 'e' and messy black-and-red ribbon) along with the Carbon Master Units of the Standard Duplicating Machines Corp. of Everett, MA - remember those purple copies?

Yep, we have gone a long way with word processing and duplicating, and gone are the manual/mechanical machines in schools and offices, along with my favorite childhood toy: the small, wooden top, played with a string.

-Eddie Yo, Davidsonville

"Gridiron Tales" Praised

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Tom Denney's "Gridiron Tales" [Sept. 2-8] had me reliving my double-session practices and all we went through before the football season started. Thank you for your "inside" look at high school sports and what you do to make good reading for all members of the family (such as your Kid's Page.)

-E. M. Howard,
Prince George's County

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