Letters to the Editor
Volume VII Number 39
September 30-October 6, 1999

High Praise from Hospice

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thank you for your very fine coverage of Hospice Cup XVIII. The articles written by Carol Glover appearing in the New Bay Times in August and September did more in educating the public about hospice care and what Hospice Cup is all about than any other media coverage we have had in our 18-year history. And Bits and Pieces in the Sept. 23 edition captured the challenges met by our volunteers - including those from Shearwater Sailing Club - in pulling the events off in the wake of Floyd.

The articles helped us fulfill our goal of raising awareness about hospice care and raising funds for the participating hospices and will be referred to often in the years ahead. The work that went into putting the information together is a reflection of the caliber of your staff and standards of your paper for quality in journalism. We hope that you will be with us again next year.

-Carole Kauffman, President, Hospice Cup XVIII

Help Carole Save a Bunny Life

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Many of you have seen Carole Van Wie from the Calvert Humane Society at different county shows, numerous educational functions and the nursing homes with her rescued pet rabbits that she has for adoption. These are rabbits that Carole, a retired school teacher, has saved from the Animal Shelter at the 11th hour and also bunnies that were found as strays or turned over to her by their owners.

Carole never discriminates and takes rabbits, if she has the room, from all counties and for any reason. I remember her taking in a rabbit once from a priest who was being relocated and was not able to take "Madonna" with him.

Carole has all her bunnies spayed and neutered and only adopts them out to people who will keep them as litter-box trained house pets.

You may have also called Carole on some occasion to help you with your wildlife. Carole has her wildlife license and takes in orphaned squirrels, opossums and baby wild bunnies, not to mention the geese, swans and one-legged ducks, all of which, if injured, she takes for veterinary care. Carole is on call 24 hours a day.

Last year an organization in Baltimore County heard of Carole's work with the rabbits and gave the Humane Society of Calvert County, Inc., a grant of $25,000, stipulating that Carole receive $5,000 of that money to pay for her veterinary bills. The Humane Society had already allotted Carole a small amount each month to help her pay for the tremendous amount of food that she must purchase for the foster rabbits.

Two weeks ago the humane society informed Carole they were purchasing Fishing Creek Kennels and, since the Baltimore stipend was exhausted, they would no longer provide support for her efforts.

Carole has been left high and dry with no time to downsize and without any funding whatsoever and a large number of foster bunnies, some that need medical care, some that need to be spayed and neutered. All need to be fed daily.

If there is any animal organization out there that would be interested in taking Carole in as part of their organization, she would indeed be an asset. In the meantime Carole, to her distress, must say no to the animal shelter when they tell her they have a bunny and no to people who are unable to care for their rabbit anymore. She knows this is signing the bunny's death warrant.

If you are interested in helping Carole out with the bunnies that she has and are waiting for adoption, contact her at 410/326-6834.

-Evonne Vey, Lusby

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