Letter to the Editor
Volume VII Number 42
October 21-27, 1999

With Winter Nigh, Stay High and Dry

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

The prospect of colder weather has most people putting up storm windows, ordering firewood and getting sweaters out of storage chests. For boat owners, there's another important chore: winterizing their boats to protect them from the season's freezing wind, ice and snow.

BOAT/U.S., the nation's largest organization of recreational boaters, has a free Winterizing Notebook to help owners make sure their boats get through the winter undamaged. Some tips:

For a free copy of our Winterizing Notebook, log onto the Boat/U.S. Web site at www.boatus.com or call 1/800-274-4877.

-BOAT/U.S., Alexandria, Va.

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