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Congratulations to the newest winner of the NBT Not Just for Kids Venomous Creature contest. Victor Juliano III slithered his way to the top of the entries. We would also like to congratulate our two runners-up. Andrew Fowler and Samantha Moretz scared us with their creepy, crawly stories and drawings.

Samantha Moretz, Age 8

This is a snake

whose name is Blake.

Blake likes to hide in the tall green grass

and flick his fangs at those who pass

He comes from Cooga-Pooga

and he sways to and fro to the music

from the 'booga'

Venomous Creature

The fangs of rattlesnakes are hollow. They have sharp, pointed ends that can break skin. Venom is pushed through the hollow fangs and into prey. Venom is made and stored inside a special gland in a rattlesnake's head. When the rattler strikes, strong muscles around the gland push venom through the tube and into the fang. The muscles push hard to make the venom move fast.

The fangs of a rattlesnake are folded inside the mouth. They move forward when the snake strikes. The snake strikes so fast that it is a blur. It lunges forward at 10 feet per second and injects venom into prey.

The ears of a rattlesnake are inside the head. There are no ear openings on the outside. The rattle at the end of the tail is used to give warnings to other animals and humans. When a rattler shakes its rattle, it is saying 'go away or I will bite you.' When a rattler sheds its skin, it adds a new section to its rattle. You can tell the age of a rattler by the number of sections on its rattle.

-Andrew Fowler

Shake Rattle & Roll
By Victor Juliano III, Age 13

One day I went berry picking with my grandma in Western Maryland. While in the woods we heard this rattling noise.

Did someone leave a baby in the woods with a toy rattle?

Looking down, we saw a pair of scary eyes staring back. Brown and black diamond patterns adorned its back. Its tail held five or six small ring-like circles. Every time we moved, you could hear this rattle.

Shaking, we rolled out of the berry patch headed straight for grandma's house. No, it wasn't the big bad wolf we saw that day in the woods - but a diamond-back rattlesnake.

Kids' Calendar

Calverton's Cinderella Sat. Nov. 6 (11am & 2pm) - Relive the fairy tale of Cinderella and the glass slipper. Watch The Calverton Players bring Cinderella and her handsome prince to life. The Calverton School, Huntingtown. $5; rsvp: 410/535-0216.

Nature Games Sun. Nov. 7 (1-3pm) - You and your family bring ecology to life. Become a park ranger, build a tree and behave like your favorite wild animal. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Prince Frederick: 410/535-5327.

A Youthful Storytime Sun. Nov. 7 (2 & 5pm) - For the kids, by the kids and with the kids. Chesapeake Youth Players entertains you with their rendition of Storytime, a play featuring fairy tales with a twist. The play was written by kids ages 9-16, so come and enjoy. Windy Hill Middle School, Owings. $3 adults, $1 kids & seniors. 410/257-2554.

Create a Masterpiece Thru Nov. 30 - How creative are you? Enter an art contest and show everyone your talent. If you win, 5 of your best friends and you will have fun at an hour-long craft party. Drop off entries at The Children's Art Studio or mail to 168 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, 21146. Include your name, address and phone number along with your entry. Entries must be no bigger than 11'' by 17''. Ages 6-12. 410/544-9171.

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