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Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Christine. Christine lived in the city and did city things, like going to museums, malls and movies. But every weekend, she visited a farm because she loved riding horses. One day, after trotting around on her favorite horse, Rusty, Christine decided to visit the other animals.

She said hello to the pigs, who were lounging in a mud bath.

"Oink," they answered.

She stopped to say "Ciao!" to the cows chewing their cud.

"MMMMoooo," they returned.

And the chickens? She chatted with them for a while because, well, you know how chickens like to gossip.

The goose, however, was a different story. He glared at her through slanted eyes and hissed and told her to move on. Well, Christine had always suffered from a short temper, and this was certainly enough to send her off the deep end. Christine grew red with anger. She decided to poke him with her finger. She reached forward, and ...

For a hint, complete the Connect The Dots picture.

Connect the Dots

to find out what animal came to Christine's rescue, look for an update on Christine and her hero on a future kids page.

Kids' Calendar

Nutcracker Stars Wed. Dec. 1 (10:30am) & Sat. Dec. 4 (3pm)-Listen to a professional dancer from Petite Ballet read The Nutcracker. Then dress up as the Nutcracker or even the Sugarplum Fairy. Ages 2-6. Zany Brainy, Harb. Ctr., Ann. rsvp: 410/266-1447.

Meet Arthur Fri. Dec. 3 (10am)-You can meet that lovable kid, Arthur. Listen to his tales of adventure. Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Oysters to the Rescue Sat. Dec. 4 (noon-4pm)-Do you know what oysters do for the Bay? Local author Jennifer Keats Curtis shares her story, Oshus and Shelly Save the Bay. Purchases benefit the Severn River Association's oyster growth program. Black Market Minerals, Harbor Square Mall, 110 Dock St., Annapolis: 410/216-9426.

Hide and Seek Sat. Dec. 4 (1pm-2:30pm)-Do you sometime wish you could be invisible. Animals learn to camouflage themselves to stay alive. Find out how animals disappear into the swamp. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Pt. Republic: 410/535-5327.

Winter Arrivals Tues. Dec. 7 (10:30am-noon)-The winter birds have arrived. Watch the birds play up close and then make fun food for them to eat. Kings Landing Park, Prince Frederick: 410/535-5327.

Santa Letters Thru Dec. 15 (9am-9pm)-Have you written to Santa yet? Does he know all the cool toys you want this year? Hurry over to leave your Christmas wish letter in Santa's Mailbox at Northeast Community Center. He'll even write you back. Chesapeake Beach: 410/257-2554.

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December 2-8, 1999
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