Letter to the Editor
Volume VII Number 49
December 9-15, 1999

No Y2K Worries Here

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Thanks for your "sane" coverage of Y2K, unlike all the breathless warnings we hear about what could go wrong. I'm referring to your recent interview with Maryland 2000's Louise Hayman, who is supervising the gardens and the various projects related to the millennium in our state [Nov. 11-17]. It seems to me that people ought to be putting their worry energies into making things happen that are positive.

-Becky Roberts, Upper Marlboro

Plymouths Forever

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I agree with Bill Burton [Nov. 11-17] about the foolishness of phasing out the Plymouth. My first Plymouth was a new '53 sedan, powder blue, with a six-cylinder that purred for 20 years. When I got a little more established, I could afford them more often and all told, I've had 11 Plymouths. They may be homely to some, but they're dependable as all get-out. I guess this big new company (DaimlerChrysler) thinks we are all well-heeled enough to buy their Mercedes. Not me.

-W. Graham, Arlington, Va.

Last Days for Holiday Stories

December 15 is the deadline for holiday stories to be considered for New Bay Times special Christmas issue of memories.

Send a photo with your narrative of times to remember.

All stories will be read and photos returned. Stories selected by our editorial board will be published Wednesday, December 22. (We're publishing a day early the last two weeks of the year.)

Send your stories and pictures to: Sandra Martin, Editor, NBT, P.O. Box 358, Deale, Md. * Fax 410/867-0307 * E-mail [email protected].

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