Fairhaven's Crafty Christmas Girls
By Junior Reporter Ariel Brumbaugh

It's almost that time of year again. Do you need ideas for gifts for your friends and family? I know I do!

We interviewed two nine-year-old girls to find out what they're up to this Christmas season. They each have their own way of getting through this busy Christmas season.

Their gift ideas might help you out.

Emelia Brumbaugh is nine years old and lives in Fairhaven. She finds that Christmas is a busy time of year, but she has found a great way to organize it. Emelia makes most of her gifts. She enjoys it and she saves money.

"I have money but I don't want to spend it. I want to save it up for something I really want," Emelia says.

Here are her ideas for moms and dads:


Clove Oranges

This is really easy. All you need is an orange, some cloves and a little adult supervision.

Cloves are herbs that smell like cinnamon and look like centimeter long sticks. You can find them at the grocery store in the spice aisle. Then there is an orange (also found at the grocery store).

Make a pattern or design on the orange. You might want to draw it in pencil first. Then stick cloves in around the design, not too close together. You can even cover the whole orange.

Hot glue a piece of ribbon around it and tie a bow so that it will hang easily. Give it to your mom or dad and have them hang it in a closet or in their bedroom. It will make the whole room smell like Christmas.


Door Stop

Another easy gift. All you need is a stone, paints, decorations and adult supervision.

First you find a large, heavy stone. This will be your actual doorstop.

Then think of a theme. For instance: under the sea, at the beach, in the forest.

If I were doing by the Bay, I might collect sea shells and sharks teeth. Then I would paint my rock blue and hot glue gun my decorations on to it.

Another idea is just go crazy with it! Glue whatever you want on it and paint as well. Be careful because the glue gun is hot. Have fun!

Desk Organizer

You need:


First you glue together boxes and tubes in an arrangement that you like. Then fit them all into a big box that's not too high. This will be the base box. Put in all your other containers. Glue a picture of you to the base box. Fill your box with the office supplies. Then paint and decorate. This is a great gift for mom or dad.

Neighbor Mary Brewer started a very successful business called Mary's Famous Cookies.

"I started the business of making cookies because somebody asked me to make them cookies in their lunch. Then I became famous! I also love to bake which helps," Mary says.

Mary made about $100 in one month with her famous cookies; plenty of dough to buy her parents presents. She suggests a dreamcatcher or a picture frame for fanciful moms. Dads love hummingbird feeders, tools for their household projects and camera accessories. Good Luck shopping for mom and dad.

Mary gives a friend with a sweet tooth cookies as a gift. She shares her chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mary uses organic products.



Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Beat butter, sugar and brown sugar until fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, mix flour, cocoa and baking powder. Stir into the butter mixture and add salt. Finally, add chocolate. Mix well. Drop batter in rounded tablespoons onto cookie sheets.

Bake 8-10 minutes. Makes 4 dozen.

Kids' Calendar

Frosty Follies Dec. 16-21-Families delight in The Talent Machine's musical stage tradition, Santa's Frosty Follies. 7:30pm ThFS; 2pm SaSu; 6:30pm Su & 7pm MTuW @ Key Auditorium, St. John's College, Annapolis. $10: 410/956-0512.

Seasonal Stories Fri. Dec. 17 (10am)-Are you ready for Christmas? Sit down and enjoy holiday tales. Then make a gift canister for someone special in your family. Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Breakfast with Santa & Talent Machine Sat. Dec. 18 (8:30am)-Sit down to a hearty breakfast w/Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty and the cast members of The Talent Machine Company's Frosty Follies. Following food, a spirited show. Breakfast 9am @ Buddy's, Annapolis. $9.95; rsvp: 410/956-0512.

Hide & Seek Sat. Dec. 18 (10-10:30am)-Learn how animals protect themselves in nature. Even discover how you can find these camouflaged critters. Ages 2-3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic. free. rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Skate with Santa Sat. Dec. 18 (4:30-7:30pm)-Santa Claus comes to the roller rink for Dancers' Inc. of Southern Maryland's Skate with Santa. Complement rink rounding w/a Santa visit and a holiday performance by the Diane Herbert Dance Studio. Calvert Roller Skating Center, Rt. 4 & Chaneyville Rd., Owings. $5 includes 3 hours skating, food & show; $1.50 skate rental: 410/257-7772.

Nutcracker Dreams Dec. 18 & 19-Dancing mice, fanciful fairies, a princess and a prince. Watch the Ballet Theatre of Annapolis dance The Nutcracker, a Christmas ballet based on a young girl's dreamland. 2pm Sa, 3pm Su plus 8pm Sa Dec. 18. Maryland Hall, 801 Chase St., Annapolis. $22 w/discounts; rsvp: 410/263-2909.

Holiday Tales Tues. Dec. 21 (10am)-Santa is coming! Get ready with two special stories. Listen to the tales of Mouse's First Christmas and McDuff's New Friend. Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

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